KYB Dressage Joins the DressageDaily Directory of Dressage Professionals

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Posted by Mary Phelps


Kim and Yvonne Barteau and GP Raymeister
Kim and Yvonne Barteau and GP Raymeister
KYB Dressage based at the exquisite Grand Prix Equestrian Center in Maple Park Illinois have a long standing tradition of talent, training, professionalism, and passion for the development of horse and rider, making it not only a unique educational experience but fun too. With a deeply rooted background in the entertainment venue of Arabian Nights, Kim and Yvonne Barteau also have a depth of all things classical in horsemanship as well as performance, freestyle, which involves liberty work and understanding horse personalities. Bringing the art of horsemanship and dressage to the masses, the Barteaus are known for their exhibitions around the United States at venues including Equitana USA, The TODAY Show and Madison Square Garden. Their specialty is dressage both competition and costumed training Warmbloods, Arabians, Friesian and even exotic Ahkal-Tekes up to the Grand Prix levels.

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