Kristen Aggers Cites Many Important People on her Road to Successful Professional

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kristen Aggers

While her time with Sue Halasz was clearly a huge turning point in Kristen Aggers' career, she credits many other important people in her career. She started working for Halasz in 2000 and five years later, was at Fairwind Farm, owned by Sue Curry Shaffer. There, she rode horses and taught many of the juniors and amateurs. An important connection she made while at Fairwind Farm was meeting Robin See and her daughter Perris Fiori.

"We started working together in the fall of 2004. Robin had just purchased a horse – Noah – for Perris. Unfortunately, he turned out to be too much horse for her. We decided to sell Noah. His target market was fairly small. His gaits were nice, however, his walk and canter both had a lateral tendency. He was barely schooling First Level and was very difficult to get on the bit. Noah wasn’t fancy enough for a professional- and was too much horse for most amateurs. He had no confidence, and would bolt when in doubt.  When a buyer did come along, Noah didn’t pass the pre-purchase exam," Kristen said.

Photo Credit: Cathrin Cammett

The end result was that Kristen ended up buying Noah, a Hanoverian by Natielo out of G line mare Granita, from her clients for $10. "My plan was too put some training into him and then possibly use him for a school horse down the road. I look back at that thought and laugh. Noah is my heart and soul. I love him so much. He is truly a once in a lifetime horse. What makes Noah so special is his heart. He tries so hard," Kristen said. Noah's specialty was what she called "dart and buck," but it taught her much. "He still has flights of fancy going by the judge when a piece of paper shifts. But he really tries to keep it together in the ring and relies on me more and more."

Kristen and Noah have had much success in their three years together. They have won numerous high-point and championship awards. In 2006, Noah was third overall at USDF Second Level and was California Dressage Society Reserve Champion for Second Level. In 2008, he was FEI high point at the Woodside dressage show, scoring a 68 percent at Prix St. Georges. At the Annual 2008 CDS/USDF Championships, Noah was fourth at California Dressage Society Fourth Level and champion at USDF Fourth Level. Kristen and Noah are currently schooling Intermediaire I and preparing for Grand Prix. "He has fantastic piaffe and we're working hard on the passage and one tempis," Kristen said.

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