Kent Farrington and Gazelle Win $375,000 Pan American Cup

Sunday, July 3, 2016
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Kent Farrington and Gazelle

Kent Farrington and Gazelle (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services.)

Calgary, AB, Canada – USA’s Kent Farrington and Gazelle were the big winners in Saturday’s $375,000 Pan American Cup, presented by Rolex, in a fast and competitive seven-horse jump-off at Spruce Meadows. Conor Swail (IRL) and Grafton finished second, and Andrew Ramsay (USA) and California 62 placed third.

The CIBC Cup was also featured on Saturday with a historic first international victory at Spruce Meadows for the country of Japan, as Karen Polle and With Wings took top honors. The ‘Pan American’ Tournament CSI 5*, presented by Rolex, concludes on Sunday, July 3, with one more day of world-class competition.

Ireland’s Alan Wade set the course for 34 competitors in Saturday’s highlight Pan American Cup, presented by Rolex. Held in the Meadows on the Green, the competition saw seven entries move on to the jump-off, and five clear over the short course.

Tom Heathcott presents the winning trophy to Kent Farrington.

Tom Heathcott presents the winning trophy to Kent Farrington. (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services.)

Andrew Ramsay was first to jump clear in round two with The California Group’s California 62, setting a fast pace in 37.59 seconds to eventually finish third. Patricio Pasquel (MEX) and Babel followed with a time of 37.77 seconds, which ended in fifth. Philipp Weishaupt (GER) shaved a few more fractions off the time aboard LB Convall, finishing in 37.71 seconds to land in fourth place. Kent Farrington and Gazelle cleared the course next, leaving no stone unturned as they raced through the timers in 35.78 seconds. Last to go, Conor Swail and Susan and Ariel Grange’s Grafton jumped into second place with their time 36.17 seconds.

Gazelle, a ten-year-old Belgian Warmblood mare (Kashmir van Schuttershof x Indoctro) owned by Farrington and Robin Parsky, has had a fantastic season that includes multiple wins over the last few months. Farrington bought the mare when she was seven and feels that she is really progressing this year.

Conor Swail and Grafton

Conor Swail and Grafton (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services.)

“I am very grateful that I have a super group of people behind my career, Robin Parsky being one of them,” Farrington noted. “They are really passionate about show jumping and that is what all of us need today in order to compete at this level. I have taken my time bringing this horse up and she has found her way at the higher level. I had her in Florida this winter and she was struggling a little bit in the big grand prixs, so I dropped her down for awhile and then brought her back up, and she seems to be finding her form.”

Speaking of his winning round, Farrington stated, “In the jump-off today, we got great competition. Andrew laid down a very fast track. He had the unenviable spot of going early, so that is certainly not an advantage when you have all of us coming after. I also do not like Conor coming after me; that’s not my favorite spot either, but I thought I put enough of a run down that he was going to really have to try if he could catch me. I was very pleased with my horse.”

Andrew Ramsay and California 62

Andrew Ramsay and California 62 (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services.)

Farrington also commented on Alan Wade’s first round track, praising the course designer on a great competition. “I think Alan is one of the best course designers, if not the best course designer, in modern show jumping. I think he really understands horses,” Farrington said. “It is a very fair test and he ends up with the perfect number in the jump-off. That shows that he knows what he is doing, so I think that all of us as riders applaud his work.”

Conor Swail was aboard a young mount in Grafton, a ten-year-old Selle Francais stallion (Calvaro x Vondeen) that he got as a seven-year-old as well.

“He is a super horse,” Swail detailed. “Myself and Barry O’Connor sold him to Sue Grange and Lothlorien, who have been great backers for me. He has done some very good things. He jumped on two Nations’ Cup teams for Ireland, both times double clear. He has been a little bit the same (as Gazelle for Kent), up and down a little bit with the grand prixs. Sometimes it takes him a little bit to find his feet, but once he gets to be comfortable at this height, he really excels. He is very scopey and he has a big step. He was a little slower than Kent’s horse unfortunately today, but I was absolutely delighted with how he went.”

Speaking of his jump-off track, Swail explained, “There was not a lot of strategy involved really. I had to go as hard as I could following Kent. Kent got one to two easier than I would have liked, and then he got seven strides around the corner and I got eight, so I was already behind and had to keep chasing. I did one stride less to the last, which I knew I could get that no one else could. Unfortunately that was not enough, but I am delighted. Kent is a great rider with a great horse. Being second to him, I will take that any day. Not all days, but I will take it today. I am very pleased for my owners, and the horse, and myself.”

As Farrington noted, Andrew Ramsay had a tough position going early in the order with very fast riders to follow in the jump-off, but Ramsay was very happy with his finish on California 62. The 12-year-od Holsteiner mare (Cassini I x Galent Vert) also placed third in the ‘Continental’ Tournament’s $375,000 CP Grand Prix.

“California is a new mare for us. I got her just before Wellington this winter, so I have just been trying to get to know her,” Ramsay stated. “It took a little bit of time in the beginning, but we are getting on track. We were third two weeks ago as well, which I guess is a good thing, but also a little frustrating. I am starting to figure out how we need to ride the course and set her up. I was really pleased with the jump-off today compared to two weeks ago when I had one down.

“I was thrilled with her today and quite happy with the jump-off,” Ramsay continued. “There were some very fast people coming behind me and we tried to do the best we could. We have a bit more learning to figure out, but we are making good headway, and I am thrilled to be here.”

Course designer Alan Wade also weighed in on Saturday’s competition and was pleased with his result.

“I have a great team around me. When you come to an event, you have to trust the people around you, and with Peter Grant and Joey Rycroft as my assistants I got a lot of guidance,” Wade remarked. “I was very pleased with the start list. As course designers, we are really only here to facilitate. These are the athletes that bring their horses out for the great sport of show jumping. We are only here to allow them to show their best and I think we had very good sport today.”

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Final Results: $375,000 Pan American Cup, presented by Rolex
1 GAZELLE Belgian Warmblood / M / 10 / Kashmir van Shuttershof x Indoctro KENT FARRINGTON (USA) Robin Parsky and Kent Farrington: 0/0/35.78
2 GRAFTON Selle Francais / S / 10 / Calvaro x Vondeen CONOR SWAIL (IRL) Susan & Ariel Grange: 0/0/36.17
3 CALIFORNIA 62 Holstein / M / 12 / Cassini I x Galant Vert ANDREW RAMSAY (USA) The California Group: 0/0/37.59
4 LB CONVALL Warmblood / S / 9 / Colman x Cascavelle PHILIPP WEISHAUPT (GER) Philipp Weishaupt: 0/0/37.71
5 BABEL Warmblood / G / 9 / Billy du Lys x High Flyer PATRICIO PASQUEL (MEX) Patricio Pasquel: 0/0/37.77
6 SUMAS ZORRO Irish Sport Horse / M / 12 / Ard Vdl Douglas x Unknown SAMEH EL DAHAN (EGY) Joanne Sloan Allen: 0/4/38.02
7 UTOPIA Dutch Warmblood / M / 15 / Ircolando x Notaris JOHN PEREZ (COL) John Perez: 0/4/39.59
8 BALARINA 3 Oldenburg / M / 11 / Balou de Rouet x Sandro Song ANTONIO MAURER (MEX) Mario Onate: 1/85.52
9 VICTOR Dutch Warmblood / G / 14 / Elmshorn x Grandeur TIFFANY FOSTER (CAN) Torrey Pines & Artisan Farms: 4/78.67
10 CRISTALLO Holstein / G / 18 / Caretino x Cicero RICHARD SPOONER (USA) Show Jumping Syndication Intl: 4/80.93
11 LUCIFER V Westphalian / G / 10 / Lord Pezi x Grandeur JACK HARDIN TOWELL JR. (USA) Jennifer Gates: 4/81.04
12 IMOTHEP Dutch Warmblood / S / 13 / Indoctro x Calvados TAIZO SUGITANI (JPN) Hyperion Stud LLC: 4/82.16