Kathy Connelly Shares Tips on Solving Mouth and Tongue Problems at Sho Clothes “Shop Talk”

Friday, March 25, 2011


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International Dressage Rider and Trainer Kathy Connelly headlined the March 8, 2011 shoclothes Shop Talk. Her talk on How to Solve Mouth and Tongue Problems with Proper Bridle Fitting was pre- sented to a standing room only crowd. Kathy produced numerous diagrams that illustrated the relationship between head and mouth anatomy and the fitting of bits and bridles for the horse’s comfort. As with previous Shop Talks, the evening was so successful that the audience did not want to leave!
Some of Kathy’s best tips included:

  • The horse’s neck should be conformationally set on correctly to enablethe horse to be ridden through his back to the poll and bit.
  • A horse must be long enough in his poll and open enough in the throat latch to have the ease to accept the bit.
  • In considering the conformation of the horse’s mouth for fitting bits, it is better to have a higher palate than a flat palate, the diastem- the height between the upper and lower jaw- is significant in fitting a bit properly and their must be ample room for the tongue to be comfortably relaxed as a cushion in the lower jaw.
  • The bit is only as strong as it is used. It should be a friendly training deice not a weapon. If you make the bit a nice place to go the horse will go there.
  • The size of the horse’s tongue is also important as it acts as a cushion.

Kathy Connelly Products -
Kathy also presented her Kathy Connelly Performance Products for the bridle which will soon be available Internationally. They are durable, washable and have been tested for two years before being produced to the market and have helped to solve many tongue and mouth problems.
To find out more please contact Kathy Connelly at: avf@aol.com.

Photo left to right- Mary Ellen Sencer, Ralph Hodges, Krystal Shingler, Kelley O’Shea Duncan, KATHY CONNELLY, Olivia LaGoy Welts, Evelyn Parkes,Doug Hundt.
Photo left to right- Mary Ellen Sencer, Ralph Hodges, Krystal Shingler, Kelley O’Shea Duncan, KATHY CONNELLY, Olivia LaGoy Welts, Evelyn Parkes,Doug Hundt.
Door Prizes Winners:
Ralph Hodges - Mary Ellen Sencer - www.SaddleTrailRealty.com
Evelyn Parkes - Back On Track
Olivia LaGoy Welts - Doug Hundt - www.SaddleTrailRealty.com
Kelley O’Shea Duncan - Kentucky Saddle Pad

Saddle Trail Realty, Back on Track, Kentucky
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