Katherine Bateson-Chandler Champions GumBits Around the Globe

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
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GumBits Ambassador Katherine Bateson-Chandler gives GumBits to her winning Grand Prix dressage mount, Alcazar
GumBits Ambassador Katherine Bateson-Chandler gives GumBits to her winning Grand Prix dressage mount, Alcazar

Wellington, Florida - Internationally successful dressage rider and trainer Katherine Bateson-Chandler’s strong performances seem to come from fluid communication with horses that are eager to please. Bateson-Chandler treats KWPN gelding Alcazar (Contango x Polina/Ferro) and Dutch Warmblood mare Wellnetta (Hexagon’s Louisville x Rubiquil) with GumBits, which are small treats that encourage acceptance of the bit and help keep the horses happy and willing while in training and competition. As GumBits continue to help Bateson-Chandler in her Grand Prix success, the company has decided to make Bateson-Chandler an official GumBits Ambassador. GumBits promote the salivation process and help eliminate teeth grinding, which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses like Bateson-Chandler’s equine partners.

GumBits also encourage chewing activity, and horses love the sweet taste of the round treats. GumBits are made of all-natural FDA approved ingredients and are safe and palatable.

"I’ve noticed a big difference with how my horses take contact with the bit when I use my GumBits. They love the taste, and now always look for GumBits before I put their bridles on,” says Bateson-Chandler.

Bateson-Chandler enjoyed a spectacular season with Alcazar, owned by Jane Forbes Clark, at the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. The pair won multiple Grand Prixs and Grand Prix Specials. Currently, Bateson-Chandler is spending time competing and training in Europe, where she and Alcazar recently placed in the top 10 at the Royal Windsor Horse Show Grand Prix. A particularly impressive aspect of her recent achievements with Alcazar is his transformation from a horse who once struggled much more with nerves and taking the bit. The ten-year-old KWPN gelding is now consistently delivering remarkable rides - having claimed the 2014 United States Dressage Federation Horse of the Year title for the Intermediaire II division. GumBits-using Alcazar recently stepped up to the international level, where he has already proven himself in the arena with multiple wins.

“GumBits has known and followed Katherine for six years, where we met at the 2009 Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Championships,” explains Shereen Fuqua, founder and owner of the company that produces GumBits. “This year as sponsors at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, we ran into Katherine coming off of a victory gallop— and she was so excited to describe once again how GumBits has continued to help her competition horses over the years. We really focus on supporting equestrians who are passionate about GumBits and who use GumBits to help reach success."

Bateson-Chandler trains each summer in Europe with 2012 Team Gold Medalist Carl Hester, and she says that GumBits will continue to be an integral part of Alcazar’s and Wellnetta’s training.

“I highly recommend using GumBits daily for a soft, frothy mouth and a happy horse!” says Bateson-Chandler. In choosing to be a GumBits Ambassador, Bateson-Chandler joins some of the world’s top riders and fellow GumBits Ambassadors— including U.S. Olympian Steffen Peters, Canadian Olympian David Marcus, U.S. Pan American Games Team Gold Medalist Susie Dutta, Australian Olympic Long Listed Nicholas Fyffe, Three-Star level eventer Matt Brown, German World Equestrian Games Bronze Medalist Christoph Koschel, 2014 U.S. Eventing Leading Lady Rider Lauren Kieffer, western dressage champion Lynn Palm, New Zealand High Performance Coach Jeremy Steinberg, and New Zealand eventing champion and FEI competitor Britta Anna Pedersen. Learn more and locate a retailer near you at www.gumbits.com.