Just In Time for the Holidays! Finally Ready for Release

Thursday, November 20, 2008

“A Life of Equestrian Substance: Conversations with Major General Jonathan R. Burton”

Now available on DVD - Produced by Phelps/Hathaway Enterprises, Inc.

Here is your chance to own a part of equestrian history! The historical and entertaining video produce by Phelps/Hathaway Enterprises, Inc which debuted at the 2007 USDF Convention to rave reviews is now available for purchase.

Packed with conversation, historical photos and commentary added by some of America's top influences in the equestrian scene, Maj. Gen. Jonathan (Jack) Burton related stories of his life as a member of the U.S. Military’s Equestrian Team. Burton tells of how the U.S. military “acquired” horses from the Germans during the years that U.S. forces occupied Germany. The American military officers who made up the U.S. teams engaged in international competition used these “captured” horses with much success in international events in the first year’s following World War II. “We were short of horses, especially dressage horses,” Burton said. “The horses were considered captured military material.” $29.95 plus $5 p&h - View video clip by [#26090 override="Clicking here." title="Clicking here."]