Jumping International de Chantilly

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Posted by Jessica Rodrigues



Photo - SportFot
Photo - SportFot
Patrice Delaveau to the finish!

It wasn’t the 14th of July (French National Day) but it could have just have been: The Marseillaise sung by the public to mark a French win in this the last leg of the 2013 Jumping, a competition that will not be soon forgotten!

And what a victory: that of Patrice Delaveau riding Carinjo, a horse with whom the harmony is getting stronger as time goes by. If Patrice finished 3rd in the Aachen Grand Prix three weeks ago, Carinjo finished in the same position in the same Grand Prix….in 2012.

Prize giving ceremony: RB PRESSE
Prize giving ceremony: RB PRESSE
But the man and the horse, ridden at the time the German Thomas Voss, did not know each other: “In fact we got on very well very quickly, then during the winter, the horse started having health problems which hindered his performances. This took me a lot of time to get the horse back in condition and it is now three weeks that he has found his full potential. He came 2nd in the 3* Grand Prix in Vichy.

On the first day, a clear round and he finished 6th. Therefore the moral is coming back, the form is returning and now I can look forward to going back to big competitions.” Indeed, the Sunday Grand Prix, the EADS Master in Chantilly, is a priori less complicated than the Longines Global Champions Tour. But then again: ”it’s a Grand Prix where you find some of the very good horses from the previous day, but a little tired, because they have done the Global, or they are horses with a less experience. All the same, there were a lot of horses at the start and the course designer, Uliano Vezzani, could not come up with an easy course as we didn’t want too many clear rounds in the end it was fairly complicated, very technical.

photo Sport : SportFot
photo Sport : SportFot
In the end it was just right as there were 10 clear runs out of 55 participants, just perfect.” All the more perfect for Patrice who has his first victory, at last, in a Grand Prix and in Chantilly and classed for the umpteenth as best rider of the event. A victory which really pleased his daughter Valentine (11) “because daddy beat the Moroccan rider who beat him in Vichy.”  Namely, a fantastic Adbelkebir Quaddar in Chantilly coached by Marcel Rozier… Do you have anything to add Vava? “ No, in twelve years now….” Why in twelve years? “Because then I’ll be able to beat daddy!” Patrice is warned!

The Swiss Jane Richard (Dieudonné de Guidelboom) took second place in this EADS Master in front of Jerome Hurel (Quartz Rouge) showing that his spectacular fall Saturday was something of the past. Talking of souvenirs, The Chantilly 2013 will only leave good ones. That of an event definitely anchored amongst the top equestrian events in the world.

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