Jumping de Chantilly: Two Rendezvous and a Totally Renewed Arena

Thursday, February 2, 2012
Posted by Jessica Rodrigues


CSI** April 20th-22th, 2012 - Global Champions Tour July, 19th-22th, 2012 - Last year The Meautry Arena, one of the world’s biggest showjumping arenas, was in the eye of the storm during the Global Champions Tour leg. Thoroughly soaked, the ground had difficulty in absorbing the equivalent of two months of rain that had fallen in three days.
It became obvious that the quality of the arena was not up to standard.  This year the problem will not arise as the management of the Chantilly Jumping led by its President Gérard Manzinali and counselled by Edouard de Rosthschild, tackled the problem so as to offer an arena which will resist to all forms of bad weather.

And so during the winter months, major work was undertaken on the arena, entirely financed by Edouard de Rothschild:
  • Reinforcement of the drainage of the arena’s 15000m²
  • Gritting (300 to 800 microns) at the rate of 5 litres per m²
  • Installing drainage wells so as to recuperate rain water
  • Installing gutters on the Espace VIP Tent to drain rain water
It is therefore on entirely renewed grounds that the riders will discover the Chantilly leg of the 2012 Global Champions Tour: The Meautry Arena will live a second inauguration on the 19th of July for the start of the CGT’s third passage in the Capital of the Horse.

It will be the main event of the year notably with the GCT Grand Prix, The EQUIDIA Grand Prix and the second edition of the Race ‘n Jump, where the two worlds of jumping and racing meet in an original competition where roles are reversed and to the great pleasure of the public in 2011.

Whilst waiting for July, Chantilly and the Amphitheatre de Verdure will greet from the 20th to the 22nd of April a CSI2* (International Showjumping 2*), associated to a CSI* (International Showjumping *) and amateur classes. A great event for all the impatient in the best setting one can find for a Jumping.

The two editions remain free of entry, as well as the parking and for July the spectacular 4000 seats grand stand will await the spectators.