Jumping de Cannes CSI 5* - PRIX Nice Matin

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Posted by Jessica Rodrigues


First Brazilian Victory

Being among the first to go in a speed class makes it very difficult for the participants to win.. The Brazilian Alvaro Miranda and his French horse Ad Norson were the third to go in the Nice Matin Prix. With a time of 53.71 seconds, they stayed ahead of the class until the end: “I knew that my horse is perfectly adapted to that sort of class”, commented Miranda, nicknamed Doda, in perfect French.
“But it is nevertheless difficult to be among the first to jump in a Global Champions Tour Class, where the best riders of the world are gathered. Considering that it was a speed class, the course was rather big and very technique-based with many options and choices of the number of strides. All the riders that tried to exaggerate on the speed didn’t finish without mistakes. After I had finished my course, I honestly thought that in the end I'd be 5th or 4th at best. I never would have thought that I’d win.”

The secret of the horse’s success (despite the horse still not being quite ready for the Grand Prix) lies in the fact that it has been purchased very early by the Brazilian. “I bought him at the age of 5 from Jan Tops. Usually it makes things easier when you start riding a horse at a young age. It’s been four years now that I am working with Ad Norson - I know him perfectly, and he knows but me! It’s still too early to tell whether he will be able to compete on a five star Grand Prix level. At the moment he’s not yet ready for it, but we’ll see. It’s often like that with horses: in the course of their career they become more confident and eventually show qualities that nobody would have estimated at the beginning.”

Nevertheless, Doda must have been quite tense during some moments: runner-up Denis Lynch (IRL) is only 7 hundredths behind.

Résult – Class n°5  Prix Nice Matin

1- AD Norson & Alvaro de Miranda  BRA  0,00  53,71
2- Lacroix 9 & Denis Lynch  IRL  0,00  53,80
3- Exquis Powerfee & Harrie Smolders  NED  0,00  53,96
4- Belinka VH Overlede Goed & Guy Williams  GRB  0,00  54,13
5- Ideal de Roy & Philippe Rozier  FRA  0,00  54,56
6- Perry Lee & Christian Ahlmann  GER  0,00  55,14
7- Pako & Richard Spooner  USA   0,00  55,36
8- Spender S & Jos Lansink   BEL   0,00    56,36

Complete results :
Photo Credit: AD Norson & Alvaro de Miranda by Sportfot