Jumper Derby Winner Scores Triple Crown® Excellence Award

Saturday, July 29, 2017
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Annabella Sanchez and Zersina are presented the Triple Crown Excellence Award after winning the $5000 Jumper Derby

Annabella Sanchez and Zersina are presented the Triple Crown Excellence Award after winning the $5000 Jumper Derby (Photo: Colorado Horse Park) 

Parker, CO (July 28, 2017) – As Triple Crown® Nutrition scouted the arenas at The Colorado Horse Park for the most deserving candidate for the Triple Crown Excellence award, 15-year-old Annabella Sanchez and her 13-year-old KWPN mare Zersina quickly stood out.

The Triple Crown Excellence Award is presented at the Parker, Colorado venue by Triple Crown, a sponsor of The Colorado Horse Park Summer in the Rockies show series. The award is given to a rider who exhibits strong dedication and achievement in horse sports, aboard a horse that shows exceptional health and fitness. Sanchez and Zersina, called “Zara,” accepted the award after winning the $5,000 Jumper Derby at The Colorado Horse Park.

“Success is always so rewarding because it shows that your hard work pays off,” Sanchez said. “The harder you work, the more rewarding the success will be. I am at my barn, Our Day Farm, every day possible riding my horses and helping out in any way. Hard work is always the key to success.” Her wise words belied her young age, which showed only when she added, “If I had my driver’s license, I would definitely be there helping with turnout and feed even more.”

Sanchez’s dedication has helped her form a strong partnership with her KWPN mare Zersina (Indoctro x Jersina), who she has owned for two and a half years. “I know Zara like the back of my hand,” said Sanchez. “She is my first junior jumper horse. She loves her job and is the most honest and wise horse I have ever met. She is one of those special horses that you never want to let go.” Zersina’s outstanding condition is a product of careful care and time put in by Sanchez and her team at her barn. “We keep our horses feeling their best by keeping up with maintenance, turning them out as much as possible, working them consistently, giving them breaks as needed, and most importantly – keeping them happy! It is so important to me to let horses be horses.”

Sanchez and Zersina have proved a winning team throughout the Summer in the Rockies show series this year, with victories in the Speed Derby and the $5,000 Low Jr. Classic, in addition to the recent $5,000 Jumper Derby and Triple Crown Excellence Award. “It was great winning the Triple Crown Excellence Award,” Sanchez said. “We just recently moved to Our Day Farm this late spring after coming back from showing the whole WEF circuit in Florida. It's great to see how much my horses are flourishing under the new program. I couldn't be happier! Everyone at Our Day Farm is all about what the horses need and how to keep them as happy as possible. The Triple Crown Excellence Award definitely reinforces that our horses are feeling and performing great!”

Sanchez also credits much of her and Zersina’s success at The Colorado Horse Park this summer to their bond with each other. “I don’t just ride my horses and leave! It’s important to get to know your horses - take them out for a graze, interact with them. The more you understand your horses, the stronger a connection you will build with them, which shows in the ring. After all, how can you form a strong partnership if only one side is trying?”

Triple Crown Nutrition can attest that Sanchez’s philosophy is working. With their victories in the show ring, fitness, and obvious love for each other and their sport, Sanchez and Zersina made ideal recipients for the Triple Crown Excellence Award. Triple Crown’s own dedication to excellence can be seen just as easily via the company’s superior horse feeds. Triple Crown was the first company to add prebiotics, probiotics, and organic minerals to horse feed and continues to deliver the very best in equine nutrition.

Triple Crown is the official feed sponsor of the U.S. Dressage Team, the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team, and the Hermes U.S. Show Jumping Team. The company proudly sponsors the 2017 Summer in the Rockies and Dressage in the Rockies show series at The Colorado Horse Park, and hopes to encourage and reward further excellence in equestrians throughout the series.

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