Judy Yancey - Matchmaking Maestro for the American Breeder

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Posted by Mary Phelps


In 1975 Judy Yancey was a “dreamy eyed kid” who wanted a different kind of horse. She saw a small ad in the Chronicle of the Horse for a Trakehner Stallion for sale, imported from Germany, who was up in Canada.  With her father’s help, she went to the library to research Trakehnen, an East Prussian region from which the breed takes its name. Yancey bought the stallion Beaute', and brought one of the first warmbloods west of the Mississippi when she was located in Texas, which began her odyssey as one of the first and foremost breeders in America of German Sporthorses. Christophe Hinkel, breeding manager at the renowned Performance Sales International, Germany, home of the majority of the worlds’ top breeding stallions, has this to say about Judy Yancey. "At PSI we have had a long and successful relationship working with Yancey Farms. Judy Yancey understands the importance of the quality services required for assuring the best results when using imported semen for mares. We are proud of our relationship with Yancey Farms and contributing to the breeding programs in America." Yancey Farms, in Ocala, Florida is one of the pioneers in the American Sporthorse breeding Industry. While she likes to consider herself as “flying under the radar” Yancey is the first and foremost broker of imported semen for top stallions, which she has listed on her website. Her magic touch for getting mares in foal have made her the “go to girl” for aspiring and established breeders in the USA.
Photo: Cookie Serletic
Photo: Cookie Serletic
Established in 1975 Yancey Farms has been producing Sporthorses of quality for over 30 years and is one of the most respected breeders in The United States and Europe. Her early years in communicating with the breeders she was yet to meet involved hiring a translator to write her first letters needed to express her interest in the breed. “AT&T had a service with a bi-lingual operator which was needed when making phone calls.” After her first trip to the library in 1975, Yancey was on a plane “had scared, and half excited” headed to Germany where no one spoke English.  “I thought I was the bravest young woman in the world,” Yancey recalled.

Yancey quickly determined the need for good broodmares, and on a limited budget knew the only way to develop a base in America was to buy fancy fillies and import them.  Yancey who likes to think of herself as “flying under the radar” had an impact on the broodmare base in America, with her breeding program at her farm Yancey-Farms in Ocala Florida, where she continues to produce quality foals, mentor people passionate about their venture into the breeding world, and manage the finest collection of the top stallions in the world brokering frozen semen.
Judy Yancey with Templar by Tallormade Temptation "the culmination of a dream" Photo: Cookie Serletic
Judy Yancey with Templar by Tallormade Temptation "the culmination of a dream" Photo: Cookie Serletic
If breeding horses was to be considered an art form, then Judy Yancey is the virtuoso for the American Sporthorse program featuring Oldenburg, Hannoverian and KWPN stallions of the finest quality. Her intuitive and knowledgeable ability to help breeders match their mares to what will work for them is her niche, suitable for the American market.

DressageDaily proudly welcomes Yancey-Farms to our DressageDaily Directory. Stay tuned for more features and interesting information of value to our readers coming from Judy Yancey. Be sure to visit Judy’s website, Yancey–Farms.com, and sign up for her rss feed, Judy’s News. More fun features, facts, and foals can be found on her Facebook page.

Be sure to visit Yancey-Farms.com, and check out Judy's News.
Be sure to visit Yancey-Farms.com, and check out Judy's News.