Judy Yancey - I Am Going to Make a Once in MY Lifetime Offer!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Posted by Judy Yancey


Dream Rubina by Dream of Glory out of Reina H by Rubinstein (Photo: Cookie Originals)
Dream Rubina by Dream of Glory out of Reina H by Rubinstein (Photo: Cookie Originals)
But first, I want to tell you a funny story.....Being fortunate to have 5 big nitrogen tanks full of fabulous stallions' semen, I often do not make a decision on which stallion I will use on my own mare until, literally, the Vet has his ultrasound detecting a recent ovulation! Now, this used to tend to make Dr. Corey Miller kinda crazy, but over the years, he has loosened up a bit and definitely gets a laugh out of my actions at times. He often repeats one of my mantras ...."Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Well, that's the way I see it anyway. OK - long story, I know. I now have only two broodmares, having downsized considerably after 40 years of breeding. Both sisters are very special mares, known to many warmblood breeders around the world. But.... I digress. Back to the funny part. So, Dr. Miller and I were ready to breed Rubina on her second cycle of this season. We have our little routine of "banter" when checking the mares. When we have scanned a good and recent ovulation, he says "Get your stuff!" That's my cue to go pick a stallion and thaw the semen (that's my job.) He has long given up asking "Who are we breeding her with?" So, I went in to my tank #5, with every intention of picking up the dose of Charmeur that I had held on to for her. But, my mind is always doing a check list.....and it was saying to me, "Hey, she just double ovulated...do you want TWO Charmeurs?" As I reached into the tank to pick up the cane of Charmeur, I noticed that, right next to it (in the canister labeled "MINE!"), was a dose of Totilas that I had held on to for rebreeding Finale this year. That filly was not yet born, so no immediate need for it. Hmmmm..., I thought, why not? I shouted out to Corey, "Hey, what's about breeding her with Totilas??" Wow, was his response enthusiastically "Sure!"

So we did, and the day came to do embryo flush. It was a good, clean flush, and I was busy doing something while Corey was looking under the microscope for our babies. He found one!!! Oh, I was so pleased, stepped out the door to talk with someone, and walked back in a few minutes later. Corey said "You should go buy a lottery ticket today. I just found baby #2!"

So..... see where I am going with this?? Not only were we blessed to have TWO babies, we are totally doubly blessed to have them both take in the recip mares! Today we did fetal sexing on our TWO little Totilas x Dream Rubina babies, and we have one of each! A little girl baby and a little boy baby! 65 days old.

Jura" out of Finale (Dream Rubina's sister) (Photo: Cookie Originals)
Jura" out of Finale (Dream Rubina's sister) (Photo: Cookie Originals)
And this is where I come to the point of my long story (hope it's been entertaining so far). I am offering the outright sale of the embryo recipient mares, carrying the Totilas x Beaner babies. The little girl baby has been spoken for today, but the colt is in a really nice young chestnut and white pinto mare, big and kind (sound and rideable too). I will carry them to 150 days on my own nickel and responsibility, with refundable deposit if something goes awry. At 150 days of gestation, after Vet ultrasound on that day, balance of purchase price is due, and Prospective Insurance can be purchased by Buyer (or not)......At 150 days the price of the insurance goes way down. Then you take the mare home, birth and raise your own Totilas baby - out of one of the finest mares in this country. No matter what your opinion of the state of Totilas' current training might be, it is undeniable that he is a quality athlete, with outstanding qualities as a sire, when used on the right mare base. I believe I HAVE that correct mare base; i.e. see my baby "Jura" out of Finale (Dream Rubina's sister)

It is a rare offering. Call for details and a chat 1-800-867-7021. I also will be doing the same offering on other ET babies as they are safely confirmed this season only.

LET ME INSERT A SOBERING THOUGHT HERE - Dream Rubina (Beaner) is what the Germans call "A stallion mother"; i.e.: she produces stallion quality colts, as evidenced by her sons. I know that the thought of owning a Totilas colt out of such a mare is intoxicating, but the reality is....ask yourself the questions "Am I capable of rearing a fancy stallion prospect? Of doing all that it takes to assure that he reaches his potential? That he is trained properly through the levels, entered in the best competitions, presented for stallion selection if possible? And, if licensed, to properly and adequately prepare him to go through a safe and successful stallion performance test?" A colt of this caliber is alot of responsibility, and not to be taken lightly, and surely not to sit in the backyard, never to achieve his potential.