Judge's Committee Meeting Notes at USDF Meeting

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jacksonville, Florida, Wednesday December 1, 2010 - The USDF Annual Meeting is in full swing in Jacksonville Florida. From the grass roots to high performace the movers and shakers of our sport in America are hard at work giving their time and energy at their own expense helping to make Dressage in America better and better. Janet Foy sent us her notes on the initial Judge's Meeting held Wednesday: Judge's Committee Meeting Notes at USDF Meeting - Lois Yukins Chair
Show managers were asked to put judges on panels if possible for a few classes at their shows. This will help promote better education if one of the judges has more experience and allow that judge to 'mentor' the less experienced judge. The goal is to promote more consistant judging at Regional Championships were two judges work together.

Competitors, scribes, TD's, and show management were reminded that if there is a judge complaint during a show (no comments for 6/s, too few comments, rude comments, use of cell phone etc) that they should fill out a Judge report form, available in the show office or online, send photocopies of the test and send it to the USEF, c/o the LOC. If there are more than 3 reports from the same show, the judge will be contacted by the LOC.

A long dicussion took place regarding the new 3 part rider score on the tests. Judges were advised about upcoming articles and forums that will help explain this new division of the riders score.

L Program: Online production for A, B and C has been requested to the Board from the L Faculty.

The Faculty is asking more organizers to step forward to help organize the Part Two (Dl, D2 and exam) portion of the L Program. The new Part One has met with huge (and profitable) success for the organizers.

Programs were held in Regions 2,3,4.5.7 and 8 for 2010. In 2011 7 programs have been organized and approved.

Regional Championships commiittee: The RC Committee will propose a new cut off timelinie for entries to close for RC. This will help standardize the cut off date, and hopefully help some of the confusion for riders who ride in two different regions. This proposal will be voted on by the BOG on Friday.

Freestyle Committee: The new USDF freestyles were unvieled at this meeting. There are now scores for the non required movements as well as submission and impulsion of the Technical side of t he test. The artistic side remains the same but with the co-efficients adjusted so that degree of difficulty is now 2 and music is divided into two scores rather than one.