Jolly Mon and For Farina Take First and Second with Ryan Genn in High Amateur-Owner Jumpers

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Katy TX - April 9, 2011 - Today was another great day of showing in the sunshine for competitors at the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show held at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center. Jumper riders competed for the top spot in the High Amateur-Owner Jumpers, the High Junior Jumpers, the Low Amateur-Owner Jumpers, and the Low Junior Jumpers. Ryan Genn was successful in the High Amateur-Owner Jumpers, taking the win aboard Jolly Mon and placing second with For Farina. Earlier in the day, Jennifer Scholl and Electric Avenue prevailed in the Low Amateur-Owner Jumper class.  
Richard Jeffrey of Bomemouth, England designed today's courses, which did an excellent job testing the horses and riders. The High Jumper classes followed the Table II format with 13 jumping efforts and a time allowed of 74 seconds. The Low Jumper classes followed the Table 2b format and the first round included 12 jumping efforts with a time allowed of 71 seconds. The short course consisted of seven jumping efforts and a time allowed of 38 seconds.

Ryan Genn and Jolly Mon were the first to enter the arena in today's High Amateur-Owner Jumper class. The pair set a blazing fast pace without fault, which couldn't be beat and earned them the win.

"Jolly Mon is a horse we just got in trade. I have been riding him for about six weeks. He is really big and really strong and he tries to run; that is why we were so fast! I didn't try to go fast he just is always like that," noted Genn. "Going clear was my main focus. I wasn't really focusing on the speed I was just trying to be efficient and make nice turns and focus on going clean. The course was nice. I have liked the courses all week and liked today's course as well. "

Genn returned a couple of rounds later with his second mount For Farina and had another flawless round. Genn and For Farina stopped the clock in 69.612 seconds, earning them second place.

"For Farina was amazing. I have been riding her since late December. Today she jumped great as always. I think I am really starting to get a feel for her now as a team. We are starting to get better and she was awesome. She spooked a little at the water and zigzagged a little, but other than that she was great," Genn commented.

The Genn family has been successful throughout this week's competition and they are looking forward to Sunday's $25,000 Seashore Acres Grand Prix. Ryan Genn has made the decision not to ride his chosen mount in Sunday's Grand Prix, but will compete in the High Amateur-Owner Classic, however Ryan Genn's father Wilhelm will be competing. The Genn family tries to maintain a system that creates success. Ryan Genn's father Wilhelm Genn noted, "It is not easy to teach your own family. I don't stand there and train them all the time. From day one I told them get on the horse watch what I am doing and when you have questions come and ask. That has been working really well. We basically split up the horses so everyone has their own group of horses. Sometimes we switch if it is needed. Ryan rides a little different style and has a little different personality then Theo and not every horse fits every rider. Everybody knows what to do and everybody tries hard."

The last to enter the arena today was Maggie Hines and Rafa 10. The duo galloped around the course trying to beat Genn's time, but fell just short. Hines and Rafa 10 stopped the clock at 71.016 seconds, earning them third place honors.

Carson Gibson and Free Bird were the first on course in the High Junior Jumpers and with a fault free round they put the pressure on those to follow. Their time of 72.416 seconds would only hold up for the second place ribbon. Taylor Sutton and MTM Summit were next on course. They were faster then Gibson in just 71.344 seconds, but it cost them eight faults. Sutton and MTM Summit landed in fifth place for their efforts. Margaux Wheeler and Livius were the next pair to try their luck. Wheeler and Livius finished with eight faults and a time of 71.275 seconds putting them in fourth place. Lindsay Moss and Cantera stopped the clock in 68.612 seconds without fault to become the new leader just before Wheeler's round. Moss and Cantera couldn't be beat and they took home the win. Margaux Wheeler was the last to enter the arena aboard her second mount Vantos V. Wheeler and Vantos V stopped the clock in 74.557 and finished with four faults, which was good enough for third place.

Jennifer Scholl and Electric Avenue won the Low Amateur-Owner Jumper class. Scholl and Electric Avenue had a fault free round and advanced to the short course. They stopped the clock in 33.287 seconds, fault free securing the win.

"Electric Avenue has been jumping great. He is a great horse and is really fast. He is thirteen years old. I thought the courses were good. I think they have done a good job of keeping it different and challenging. It was his type of course so it worked out well," said Scholl. "My other horse was really good as well. He had a rail in the jump off, but was still great."

The Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show, held at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center will wrap up tomorrow afternoon. Riders and spectator alike are looking forward to an exciting of competition during the $25,000 Seashore Acres Grand Prix highlight event.  

Photo Credit: Ryan Genn and Jolly Mon topped the leader board in the High Amateur-Owner 1.35m jumper class at the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show. Photo By: Heather Bellock/PMG.