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Saturday, November 20, 2010

KAM’s “Equine Learning Circle”

Would you like to learn more about what can be done to help your horse with ulcers, EMS/IR, lameness, hives, colic, allergies, back pain, hoof problems, arthritis and so on? Do you struggle to determine the best nutrition for your horses and become completely overwhelmed by the vast array of feeds and supplements available? What about issues like conditioning, saddle fitting, shoeing, dehydration, long travel, legal use of supplements, teeth floating and the many other questions you need answered.
Well, wait no more because KAM Animals Services is going to discuss these topics and more in KAM’s “Equine Learning Circle” free webinars, which will take place from January through June of 2011.  To kick things off KAM will have a networking webinar on December 6th at 7pm CST.  The session will start with a brief equine wellness presentation of how to maintain a healthy and happy horse through nutrition.   Then the webinar will be open to your questions and suggestions of the topics you would like to see covered in the 2011 webinar series.     

Starting January 10th, every other Monday night at 7pm CST, Gabriele Sutton, owner of KAM Animal Services, along with staff Veterinarian Dr. John Hanover and other guest “experts” will hold educational webinars on various equine health topics that are important to anyone owning and caring for horses.

The “Equine Learning Circle” topics will be expanded from KAM’s very popular “Tip of the Week,” which can be found on the KAM Animal Services ( web site, with new ones published each week.

In November, Gabriele did a “trial” webinar.  She explained and identified the cause of Equine Metabolic Syndrome and IR.  The presentation covered how to manage horses with EMS/IR through specific nutrition and "correct" diets to restore balance and health. At the end viewers asked questions. The webinar was such a success and as a result here are a few of the comments she received: 
  • “Very informative.”
  • “The depth of the seminar was awesome.”
  • “A LOT of useful information, passionate and knowledgeable presenter.”
  • “The information was very well explained and easy to understand.”
  • “Gabriele was as thorough as she could be within time constraints, concise in her explanation, definitive in her advice and I understood more than I thought I would.  I'll contact KAM for more info as I need it to plan the proper diet for my 2 horses. Thank you for this webinar.”
  • “Gabriele is so easy to listen to and very well prepared. I didn’t feel overwhelmed.”
To register for the December 6th FREE webinar go to and click on the webinar link at the top of the page or call 519-463-9640.  Be sure to join the mailing list so you can be notified about all the webinar details.