JJ Tate Has a Stable of Happy Horses

Monday, February 2, 2009

JJ's approach of putting the happiness of the horse first is one that pleases her current mounts. And she has quite a few of those, all of whom are important to her. Donnermuth, also known as Petri, is a seven-year-old Rheinlander that has been with JJ for four years. He's the horse she took to the 2007 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, Germany. "He is such a neat horse. We call him the Quarter Horse because he has such a calm demeanor and beautiful looks. This year has been a quiet year for Petri, since he did a lot for such a young horse last year. He is showing Third Level, but schooling the Prix St. George at home. I plan to bring him out at PSG either in the winter in Florida or in the spring at home in Maryland."

Cambay, otherwise known as Chip, is a Swedish Grand Prix horse. "He put me in the scene and into the inner circle the years of 2004-2006. I placed in some very important shows with him and he helped to jump start my career internationally, but the best part is that this horse and I are connected. He reads me, even the way I walk down the aisle past his stall. We are on the same wavelength. Chip has had a few injuries, mostly minor, but they keep coming at perfectly planned intervals so that we have been unable to train consistently in the last year. But I know he will come back, maybe not for me and the Grand Prix ring, but possibly for a student or young rider to one day have the ride on this awesome horse. He is very special."

Next on JJ's current roster of horses is Rosall, or Riley. "Riley is my relatively new man. He is a five-year-old Oldenburg stallion, whom I am absolutely enamored with. I think this horse has unlimited potential and I am learning a lot and enjoying the process on finding the right way into him. We are really starting to come together, and he gives such an amazing feeling, I feel very fortunate to be given this ride by Kent Island Sport Horses. This horse I think will be world class one day. If I take my time and do the right thing by him, he will be something exceptional. Thanks Wendy and Marty for trusting me again!"

Baronessa, or Ness, is a ten-year-old Oldenburg mare that came into training with JJ in April 2007 and JJ reports tremendous progress with her. "She makes me very proud. She was a Third Level horse with rough flying changes when she came to my barn. We are now showing the Prix St. Georges and scoring in the high 60s. She is so soft in the hand. With her, I have to take care that I keep her trust in the training, so she keeps me on my toes. She is such a giver, always trying her heart out. She makes me ride better and pay closer attention to straightness and quality of collection. Thanks Shari for all you do!"

A recent addition to JJ's barn is Rosentanz, or Rosie. She is a four-year-old Oldenburg mare from Texas. "I think she will be a very nice horse for the future and I am very excited to have such a tall and elegant girl in the barn. I love training the young horses and helping them learn new things. It also develops me as a teacher. Thanks Jackie for sending her to me! I still love her!"

While these horses are the ride of JJ, she is equally proud of her junior rider, Katie Foster, and her Dutch gelding, Sacramento, or George. JJ predicts that they'll be a successful pair in the coming years. "Katie has been doing wonderfully this year in the junior ranks and we are looking to advance to Young Riders soon. Katie is 16 and George is 9. I helped her pick him out in Holland a few years ago and have been really proud of the partnership they have developed. George is a top class horse, and Katie is one of my most dedicated students - I am very proud of them together as horse and rider."