JJ Tate and Faberge Dance the Night Away at Dressage at Devon

Monday, October 15, 2018
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A magical night for Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge

A magical night for Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge ©Hoof Prints Images

Riders and spectators alike look forward to Saturday night under the lights as the horses compete for the coveted title of the winner of the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Months are spent preparing the right mix of music and choreography, creating a three-way team – horse, rider and music.

The winner, Jessica Jo Tate on Faberge (FloristanI/Baroness), owned by Elizabeth Guarisco, earned an impressive score of 73.650, riding to what she called “a mixture of pop and classical.

Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge

Jessica Jo Tate and Faberge ​©Richard Malmgren

“It was a really good time and the weather was great. It is such a famous ring – every rider understands the magic of the Dixon Oval,” she said. “It is so much like Europe. The crowd was wonderful, truly behind the rider. It is an honor to ride in the Dixon.” And Faberge? “He is a horse with a heart of gold. Actually, he is all gold!”

Coming in second was Nicole Harrington on Wizard of Oz (Weltmeyer/Vadella). Harrington bought him as a Prix St Georges horse – as a project with the intent to resell. But horses sometimes have a way of finding their way into the hearts of riders. This is the first time she has done the CDI saying “It was always on my bucket list.” The music? It was a mixed sound track from, where else, The Wizard of Oz. From Somewhere Over the Rainbow to the evil witch cackling in the background, it just fit. “It started out as a joke,” said Harrington. “But that’s what he wanted. He loved it!”

Soraya II (Sandro Hit/Dynamique) took home third, with a score 70.275, riding to a mix of Taylor Swift, Adele, and Nicki Minaj. “This was her first CDI Freestyle and I just decided to go for it,” said rider Kimberly Herslow of Stockton, NJ. “I felt I could ride with a little more expression. This is the most fun freestyle I’ve ever done!”

Jessica Jo Tate Only Knows the Color Blue at Dressage at Devon 2018

Jessica Jo Tate and Kynynmont Gunsmoke Gideon

Jessica Jo Tate and Kynynmont Gunsmoke Gideon ©Richard Malmgren

Earlier in the day, Jessia Jo Tate brought Faberge's stable mate Kynynmont Gunsmoke's Gideon, a Connemara Cross owned by Pam Liddell out to the Dixon Oval for a spin in the FEI "Medium Tour" and aced the The Intermediaire A and B CDI3* briging home the win for both classes.

Small but mighty Gideon handles the atmosphere like a star, showing his growing talent and the big boys he's up to the task. 

Based at Blue Ridge Farm in Landrum, South Carolina and Yellowbird Farm in Wellington, Florida, Team Tate Dressage  trains horses from green to FEI. In addition to long and short-term training for horse and rider, JJ is also a sought-after clinician known for her positive teaching style and emphasis on the foundations of classical riding. A long time student and mentored by Charles De Kunffy, JJ's training and teaching style is positive , fun and full of depth.

Class: 513 - FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIW Ring: Dixon Oval
E: Dichmann - DEN H: Wessels - GBR C: Foy - USA M: Lang - AUT B: Rockwell - USA
Ride Time Entry # Rider Ctzn Horse Stat/Div Term Test E Rk. H Rk. C Rk. M Rk. B Rk. T Pl. Verified
9:40:00 PM 554 Tate, Jessica Jo USA Faberge Open No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 70.250 2 73.750 1 75.625 1 74.250 1 74.375 1 73.650 1 Yes
9:20:00 PM 519 Harrington, Nicole USA Wizard Of Oz Open No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 68.750 3 71.375 3 69.750 4 69.750 4 74.125 2 70.750 2 Yes
8:00:00 PM 511 Herslow, Kimberly USA Soraya II Open No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 68.125 4 71.875 2 72.000 3 69.875 3 69.500 6 70.275 3 Yes
9:30:00 PM 532 Koford, James USA Adiah HP Open No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 70.875 1 68.750 6 68.875 5 69.875 2 69.750 4 69.625 4 Yes
9:10:00 PM 523 Noyes Putnam, Laura USA Galveston Open No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 67.000 5 69.125 5 73.000 2 68.000 5 69.625 5 69.350 5 Yes
7:50:00 PM 525 Pugh, Abraham USA Elfenperfekt Open No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 65.500 6 70.000 4 68.875 5 67.125 6 70.500 3 68.400 6 Yes
7:40:00 PM 566 Gibson, Jaralyn USA Sanford Open No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 62.000 7 64.625 7 62.500 8 65.125 7 65.250 8 63.900 7 Yes
7:30:00 PM 522 Boo, Heather USA Divertimento Adult Amateur No FEI Freestyle, Grand Prix 2017 57.375 8 62.875 8 64.750 7 62.125 8 66.500 7 62.725 8 Yes