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Friday, May 9, 2014
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Jessie Steiner riding Wolkenlady, a Rheinlander by World Magic - Photo: SusanJStickle.com
Jessie Steiner riding Wolkenlady, a Rheinlander by World Magic - Photo: SusanJStickle.com
Jessie Steiner is the dedicated and knowledgeable trainer and owner of Steiner Dressage. Jessie works at Buxton Farm located in Frenchtown, NJ. Buxton Farm is a state-of-the-art facility including a 20-stall barn with exterior windows for each horse, ample turnout, and a large, airy 100 x 200 indoor arena with excellent, dust-free footing. Having grown up in the Dressage world with her parents who are both Grand Prix riders and trainers offered Jessie unique opportunities and experiences in the dressage world. Jessie’s mother Betsy Steiner was a member of the 1990 WEG Dressage Team in Stockholm and her father Uwe Steiner is a popular clinician and trainer. Jessie has trained both in the US and in Germany to continually refine her dressage skills. In 1996 she was able to spend 2 months riding with Klaus Balkenhol in Germany and in 2006 she worked with Michael Ripploh for 2 months riding and studying the horse sales industry in Warendorf, Germany. Jessie is a USDF Silver and Bronze medalist earning these on horses she trained herself.A big believer in the benefits of cross training for the rider, Jessie holds monthly BioCored Workshops in their in-house Pilates studio where a Pilates instructor holds regular classes. Jessie often has lovely amateur friendly horses for sale in the barn or she enjoys taking clients to find their next equine partner, whether in the US or in Germany. Building a good relationship with the client is the foundation of the business Jessie lives by. Jessie travels for clinics to teach riders from beginners to the FEI levels. With a wonderful fresh group of tools in her toolkit, she really shares clear knowledge with others.

Jessie Steiner rides Remington, a Hanoverian (Royal Diamond x Jet Stream)  - Photo: TerriMiller.com
Jessie Steiner rides Remington, a Hanoverian (Royal Diamond x Jet Stream) - Photo: TerriMiller.com
“I have a very thorough knowledge of dressage and am able to break down the concepts for my students in ways that are accessible and achievable for them. I truly care that my clients achieve the goals that we set and I am committed to the outcome. I really want to see them succeed. I am very proud of the fact that my horses are happy in their training and all of them come to the front of their stalls to great me when I come in the barn,” she said.

Jessie is able to bring this knowledge to her students because of the unique opportunities she has had throughout her riding career. She has received wonderful coaching from Betsy on a regular basis and has been fortunate enough to work with some brilliant professionals during her career including, Klaus Balkenhol in Germany, Clinics with Kathy Connelly, Steffan Peters, Conrad Schumacher and Guenter Seidel. Jessie gives clinics throughout the East Coast and Midwest on a regular basis and is always willing to take on new clients and horses.

Growing up in the horse industry working together with her family since she was a small child, Jessie brings a great love of horses and a deep commitment to maintaining a high standard of dressage for both her horses and clients. Jessie opened Steiner Dressage, her own training business, in 2011 after acting as Assistant Trainer and managing the business side of Betsy Steiner Dressage since 1995. Steiner Dressage is the summer home of her Mother, Betsy Steiner’s dressage operation as well and Betsy and Jessie work closely with all of the horses in training at Steiner Dressage. Jessie has trained numerous horses up to FEI Levels in addition to starting the careers of many talented youngsters. She has clients ranging from beginners to competitive upper level amateurs.

Jessie Steiner rides Remington, a Hanoverian (Royal Diamond x Jet Stream)  - Photo: TerriMiller.com
Jessie Steiner rides Remington, a Hanoverian (Royal Diamond x Jet Stream) - Photo: TerriMiller.com
Jessie really enjoys teaching and bringing out the best in each horse and rider. She works with horses and riders to develop a program benefiting the unique needs of each combination to allow each individual to shine. “The goals that we set for the horses and the horse’s needs and welfare is my top priority. I have a very kind and gentle approach to both teaching my clients and caring for my horses. My clients feel cared for and their horses are happy and healthy athletes,” she shared.

Jessie competed and trained horses throughout most of her high school career and competed at the North American Young Riders Championships in 1992 where she earned a team Bronze Medal while attending Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. In 1993 Jessie graduated from Millikin with a BA in Communications and a minor in English Literature. Jessie went on to work in the Marketing Departments of several companies before deciding on a full time career in horses.

Jessie Steiner offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of all levels of riders.

FEI Rider | Lessons | Clinics | Horse Sales |Cross-Training

Training horses - The largest part of the Steiner Dressage business is riding and training horses for clients and or training clients on their own horses. She said, “We work towards getting these horses to the show ring for me to show or for my clients to show. We work on classical dressage principals while perfecting the connection with their horse and working on their precision in the show ring.”

Lessons and clinics – Basing her dressage lessons and clinics on the Classical Training Pyramid, Jessie offers extensive knowledge in the progressive development of both horse and rider. Her lessons are suited to all levels, from beginner riders through FEI competitors.

Jessie said, “I travel both locally and for clinics to teach riders from beginners to the FEI levels. I have worked with a lot of adult amateurs that have taken their first clinics with me and I've been proud to give them a positive first experience. I've also given clinics to our local pony clubs the past few years.”

Jessie Steiner Dressage
Jessie Steiner Dressage
Jessie bases dressage lessons on the principles of the Classical Training Pyramid: tempo, rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness, and collection.

Lunge Lessons – The emphasis at Steiner Dressage is on training the rider as well as the horse. Lunge lessons give the rider the opportunity to concentrate on position and to develop an effective seat. Riders can also take a lunge lesson on “Vino”, the resident Equicizer, a mechanical horse which allows them to work on strength, stability, balance, and position in a controlled environment.

Internship Program – We started a summer internship program in 2009 when we moved to Buxton Farm. Our program is designed to give an intensive study of dressage and what it takes to become a dressage professional. We gear the program toward individuals that would like to make dressage their career. Some of our internship graduates have become employees of Steiner Dressage and others have gone on to work for some of the top names in the Dressage world.

Horse sales – Jessie shared, “We often have lovely amateur friendly horses for sale in our barn. We also love taking clients to find their next equine partner, whether in the US or in Germany.”

Cross-Training - We are big believers in the benefits of cross training for the rider. We hold monthly BioCored Workshops and we have Pilates studio at the barn where our Pilates instructor holds regular classes. The BioCored workshops help our riders gain better body awareness while working on a neuromuscular level of realigning the body. Our Pilates sessions focus on strengthening our riders core while promoting flexibility and strength.

Here’s what some of Jessie’s clients have to say about Steiner Dressage:

Amelia Ross

Jessie Steiner Dressage
Jessie Steiner Dressage
"Jessie Steiner is smart, experienced and a true Dressage professional. I've been working with her in Pittstown for the past year and a half. Her lessons are fun, but at the same time very technical. She has excellent insight into the athletic needs of both horse and rider, and always uses positive reinforcement to get the message across."

Kate DeVoe

"As a weekly ship in for lessons, I come to Jessie with either questions or problems. Jessie is a great help clearly explaining what I need to do and the logic behind what I'm trying to accomplish. She sends me home with exercises to improve my riding and strengthen my young dressage mare. And Jessie's stories of her own experiences is just frosting on my dressage cake!"

Lisa Tindall

"I initially went to Jessie Steiner for help with the sale and training of my horse. I was amazed to see first-hand the quality of care my horse was receiving and the individualized coaching sessions clients were offered. Jessie introduces her clients to fun and functional programs to help enhance their riding program. Jessie has a super positive attitude, is easy to work with and is creative with her approach."

Penny Seeder 

"I am so glad to give you the highest rating possible! Since I've come to Steiner Dressage with my average young horse I have been treated by all as though I was riding an FEI contender! Not only does Jessie and her mom have a very high knowledge and skill level but they do everything with a smile and a happy, pleasant and accepting attitude. Horses (as we know) provide highs as well as serious lows. You keep us encouraged! Thank you!"

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