Jennifer S. Williams Awarded $25,000 Anne L. Barlow Ramsay Greant from The Dressage Foundation

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Posted by bossmare

The Dressage Foundation has announced that Jennifer S. Williams, of Yelm, Washington, has received the 2010 "Anne L. Barlow Ramsay Annual $25,000 Grant."  The purpose of the Grant, established at The Dressage Foundation, is to showcase talented American-bred horses ridden by United States citizens, by providing money to train and compete in Europe. "Jennifer's dedication, qualifications, and desire to gain international experience impressed the Selection Committee," said Jenny Johnson, Administrative Manager of The Dressage Foundation.  "The Dressage Foundation is proud to provide her and her horse, H.S. Wistar, the funding to help showcase an American-bred horse in the international arena," she said.
Jennifer and her Hungarian Warmblood, H.S. Wistar will be training with Catherine Haddad in Germany during the Fall of 2010.  The team will compete at the Oldenburg CDI and the Odense CDI.  "Training and competing in Europe will give Wistar and me experience in how the European show system works, will give us experience with larger crowds and venues and will help acclimate us to the highest level of competition - international competition," Jennifer said.  "The Anne L. Barlow Ramsay Grant will allow me to experience and learn from competing abroad, something I only dreamed about before the award."

Dr. Anne Barlow Ramsay (FL) established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust in 1999.  She worked with John Boomer, then President and CEO of The Dressage Foundation.  "The remainder funds were designated to come to The Dressage Foundation in 2009," said Boomer, "and now her sizable fund will yield the $25,000 grant annually well out into future years."  

"Dr. Ramsay is a Renaissance woman -- a wife, mother, medical doctor, business executive, volunteer, world-traveler and equestrienne," said John Boomer.  He added, "In 2009, Dr. Ramsay established a second Charitable Remainder Unitrust, with the remainder funds again coming to The Dressage Foundation in 2019, to continue her schedule of $25,000 annual grants far out into the future years."  Boomer concluded, "Anne Ramsay's creative, distinctive gift is remarkable for its longevity -- it will be helping Dressage riders and American bred horses for a very long time to come."


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