January 20 -22, 2009 - Hosted by Louise Levesque at Silver Sands Equestrian Center

Friday, December 19, 2008


Rodrigo Costa Matos
Riding Master
From the Portuguese National Equestrian School of Art

To be held at:
Silver Sands Equestrian Center
625 Tomoka Farms Road (CR 415)
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168
phone 386-490-5401

This clinic will be held in an indoor arena with covered seating.  Registration is $50.00 per horse and rider and classes with Mr. Matos are 1 hour for $185.00.  There are stalls available, at $30 per night. You must pay a deposit of 50% due now to reserve your stall/s and ride times. The fee to audit the lesson sessions is $20.00. All fees must be paid in full by December 30th 2008. For any questions and reservations please contact:
Louise Levesque’ cell 386-490-5401 or email Louise@besrl.com
Mail all Deposits and Riding Releases to: Louise Levesque
P.O.Box 1609
DeLeon Springs, Fl. 32130
We are looking forward to seeing everyone there and having a great time learning under this master trainer.  He has been working with show horses, warm bloods, Iberian breeds, Quarter Horses and many more in the US.  He’s very gentle and compassionate with the students and their equines.  He rides and exhibits Haute Ecole and you can visit the web site above to get more details.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about classical dressage with a master of the art so don’t miss this opportunity right here in your own back yard.
Reserve your ride times and stalls early as spots are limited!

The following is written by Candace Platz ,DVM
Equine Practitioner and USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer

Rodrigo de Matos Clinic

Rodrigo de Matos is a Principle Rider of L'Escola Portuguesa d'Arte Equestre, and the Chief Instructor at Morgado Lustiano in Portugal.  He represented Portugual at the recent Paris Symposium where all four of the great classical European schools of riding were invited to a joint performance and exchange of ideas. (The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, The Cadre Noir, L'Escola Portuguesa, and The Spanish National School).  As a representative of L'Escola and Morgado Lusitano, he is a veteran clinician whose resume includes working throughout Europe and Scandinavia, Africa, Central and South America, Australia and of course the United States.
His value to me as an instructor and mentor is that he is exquisitely trained in classical horsemanship, including work in hand, between the pillars and the Haute Ecole, but remains firmly rooted in modern dressage theory and practice.  He respects and blends the best of traditional and current understanding of dressage.  He has experience with the full spectrum of horse breeds, level of ability and training and temperaments, and as Chief Instructor at Morgado, also a wide range of students ranging from the talented and well-educated to the developing and perhaps less gifted rider. He is a consumate gentleman and an ideal example of tact toward both horse and rider.  He is unfailingly kind, reasonable and discerning in his teaching and training.  Thus he is not only a model to me as a rider (soft, effective and skillful) but as an instructor.
I was able to engage him for a three day clinic at my farm, where he worked with me personally on my own horses for a total of 14 hours but also with my students, fellow instructors and students of my fellow instructors in the area. It was great to be able to share this experience with other instructors,our students and the auditors.  Observing how Rodrigo approached each individual, equine and human, was an invaluable experience for all, whether we were observing or riding.  We also had the opportunity to discuss questions we might have with him.  What was especially striking to me was his commitment to the classical school figures, movements and transitions exactly as taught in the USDF Instructor's Certification Program in creative problem solving and also to the rider's correct position especially of hand and balance in influencing the horse to move correctly and obediently.
Despite being trained in a foreign country, Rodrigo's work was not only compatible but in total alignment with the best I have been exposed to both in the US and Europe.

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