Janne Rumbough Wins BEST Rider Award From Personal Trainer Nick Tortora At Wellington Classic Dressage Fall Challenge I Show

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Janne Rumbough won the BEST Rider Award aboard her PRE Afilado at the Wellington Classic Dressage Fall Challenge I Show.
Janne Rumbough won the BEST Rider Award aboard her PRE Afilado at the Wellington Classic Dressage Fall Challenge I Show.
Wellington, FL – Adult Amateur dressage rider Janne Rumbough will soon enjoy coaching from a personal trainer thanks to winning the BEST Rider Award at the Wellington Classic Dressage Fall Challenge I Show. The BEST Award stands for Balanced Equestrian Strength Training and will give Rumbough the chance to work with personal trainer Nick Tortora, a Wellington based personal trainer who focuses on equestrian strength training. Tortora, whose well-known clients include McLain Ward and Caroline Roffman, helps riders become stronger, gives them an edge up on the competition and helps each rider move to the next level. “I am very excited to win the BEST Rider Award and I am really looking forward to doing exercises with Nick and hope through the process to get stronger,” Rumbough said. “At this show I competed Afilado in First Level. He is a PRE and the son of my stallion Gaucho.”

Originally from Denmark, Rumbough is a highly decorated Adult Amateur rider who has made a name for herself in Wellington in the winner’s circle and with her PRE horses. Pura Raza Espanola, or PRE, are Pure Spanish Horses that have been linked to the culture of Andalusia for thousands of years. Afilado scored at 72.414% in the First Level Test 1 and Rumbough was pleased with his performance.

Tortora is sponsoring the BEST Rider Award during the 2012 Dressage season and congratulated Rumbough on being the first recipient of the award. “When Janne comes to my studio we can work on everything from balance to core strength and that will help her become more stable,” Tortora said. “Throughout the season the BEST Rider Award will be given to a rider who appreciates how their body’s strength and balance helps them to be more effective riders and in turn stabilizes the horse and rider more effectively. I focus on functional movement, so whatever movement a rider is doing over and over on their horse, I help them make that movement stronger.”

Tortora also helps riders develop their mind-body connection. “As a competitor, the mind-body connection is extremely important. I help riders get in control of their thoughts and that translates into becoming a stronger competitor,” he said. “Our mind is a tool for us and we should be controlling it, not letting it control us. Having a strong mind also translates into having self confidence and if we don’t believe in ourselves it’s hard to get others to believe in us.”

The BEST Rider is awarded a beautiful ribbon and a certificate good for a half hour consultation and a one hour training session with Tortora, the founder and personal trainer at BEST. “I am really looking forward to presenting this award throughout the season and to meeting each winner who comes to my studio for balanced equestrian strength training.”

For more information on BEST, or to schedule a Balanced Equestrian Strength Training session with Tortora, call 561-251-2724 or email him at trainwpb@gmail.com.