Jane Savoie's Interviews with the Experts Radio Show Features Dr. Maria Katsamanis on The Alchemy of Lightness

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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Maria Katsamanis was recently a guest on Jane Savoie’s Interviews with the Experts radio show.
Maria Katsamanis was recently a guest on Jane Savoie’s Interviews with the Experts radio show.
Lambertville, NJ - “I think it shows how open-minded she is,” says Dr. Maria Katsamanis horse trainer and co-author of The Alchemy of Lightness with Dominique Barbier, on the invitation from Olympic coach, author and three-time U.S. National Freestyle champion, Jane Savoie, to appear on Savoie's internet radio show, 'Interview with the Experts.' Savoie's December 2013 radio show, hosted by Kris Garett, featured Dr. Katsamanis for an engaging 45-minute discussion on what inspired The Alchemy of Lightness and how to open up to its 'tiers to lightness.'“You have really been able to work 'outside the box,'” Garret said when introducing the New Jersey-based clinical psychologist and pioneer of the molecular equitation approach to the horse/human relationship. 
Katsamanis melds the classical principles of French dressage with the science of New Physics, and her experience as one of the world's only trainers of Marwari horses outside of India led to a Royal invitation to serve as a breed display rider in the Queen of England's 60th Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor.
Garret's interview includes asking Katsamanis about her philosophy on riding, how her training in psychology affects how she makes behavioral connections and, in a poignant, personal moment, the author and trainer shares a story about the stallion she still calls the “teacher of her lifetime.”
A YouTube link to 'Jane Savoie's Interviews with the Experts: Dr. Maria Katsamanis' is available now through www.mariakatsamanis.com. 
The Alchemy of Lightness, by co-authors Katsamanis and Barbier, is now available through Trafalgar Square Publishing and Amazon.com.
For a complete calendar of clinic appearances, and to learn more about Dr. Katsamanis, visit www.mariakatsamanis.com.