Jane Heart LLC Licensed Jewelry for AMERICAN PHAROAH

Friday, May 27, 2016
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American Pharoah Pendant with horseshoe

Ashley Zayat, Founder and Creative Director of Point Ashley LLC, is pleased to announce a license agreement with Jane Heart LLC and the introduction of jewelry designs for 2015 Triple Crown champion American Pharoah. Winning the first Triple Crown in 37 years, American Pharoah fulfilled a long awaited dream as he made racing history and won the adoration of fans all over the world. His likeness has come to life in the designs by Jane Heart to honor him and his incredible accomplishment.

Ashley Zayat, owner of American Pharoah, recalls her emotions on his amazing win saying "When he won we all started crying. There were no words to describe it. I have never felt a grandstand shake like that. It was a fantastic feeling that I don't think I'll ever experience again."

Not only did American Pharoah win the elusive 2015 Triple Crown and the 2015 Breeder's Cup to claim the Grand Slam, but he became a joy and inspiration to so many of his fans. The letters received testify how he has touched so many people and "changed their lives and brought smiles to their faces....we're all blessed to be part of this." His sweet, kind, and loving personality has been evidenced by all who have seen him up close including Jane who visited with him after his Triple Crown win. "Being in his presence was just amazing....I cried tears of joy and did not want to wash my face or hands! Now being able to design jewelry for him is a dream come true".

American Pharoah Pendant

The pendant designs include American Pharoah on a pyramid background that complements his name and highlights the three wins of the Triple Crown, on his horseshoe, and as a portrait. The pendants are available in sterling silver and two tone gold combinations. Sterling silver jockey caps featuring the distinctive Z for Zayat Stables will also soon be available as charms and cuff links. All Jane Heart designs are made and hand finished in the USA. Each piece has the AMERICAN PHAROAH TM trademark stamp on the back and comes in a special gift box with a commemorative card. The designs are available to order online at and will be available in select stores soon. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each piece will benefit various equine charities.

The trademark AMERICAN PHAROAH is used under license. All American Pharoah designs and photographs are copyright protected by Jane Heart LLC with any and all rights to publication reserved.

For more information, contact:

Jane Heart LLC
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Phone: 1-888-703-0503
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