Jan Brons and Teutobod Capture Win in Sho Clothes Sponsored Intermediaire II at Gold Coast May Dressage Show

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Posted by johnny

Jan Brons and his Dutch gelding Teutobod continue to dominate the Intermediaire II division, riding into the winner’s circle at the recent Gold Coast May Dressage show. Sho Clothes, Wellington’s upscale dressage boutique, sponsored the Intermediaire II class and Brons and “Teddy” were awarded a beautiful Sho Clothes scrim. Brons was pleased with his win and said he’s looking forward to moving Teddy into the Grand Prix classes soon. “Teddy is getting more and more comfortable in the Intermediaire II class,” Brons said. “In this class I added a little more power and tightness to his pirouettes. Slowly but surely Teddy is getting more and more comfortable with doing his piaffe and passage tour.”
Brons said he will add his winning scrim to his growing collection of Sho Clothes awards. “We won a Sho Clothes scrim at another show and last year we won the Sho Clothes Whip several times,” Brons said, adding that he appreciates the Wellington dressage store and is always grateful to win a class that they sponsor. “I am a big fan of Sho Clothes.”

In addition to working toward the Grand Prix with Teddy, Brons said he plans on spending August and part of September in Europe. “Jan is a great rider and trainer and I am sure Europe will be a wonderful experience for him,” said Michele Hundt, who co-owns Sho Clothes with Betsy Rebar Sell. “Jan is right that he has won many of our classes, and we are thrilled every time he wins. Teddy is an amazing horse and we have loved watching his progress. I know he will be very competitive in the Grand Prix.”

Hundt, who is also an artist, designed the Sho Clothes scrim which features Rebar Sell’s horse Wonderful Walden. Rebar Sell and Wonderful Walden were Gold Medalists at the Pan Am Games. “We love supporting the dressage community and it is a great feeling to award our beautiful scrims to winning riders,” Hundt said.

Sho Clothes specializes in the latest and most fashionable dressage apparel for show and play, and has been serving the dressage community since 2001. Located at 3220 Fairlane Farms Road in Wellington, Sho Clothes boasts a wide variety of the finest dressage riding clothes, apparel, jewelry and dressage accessories available and has become the “go to” dressage boutique for dressage enthusiasts from all over the world. Sho Clothes also offers a mobile boutique that travels to dressage shows.

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