Jamie Lawton of KYB Dressage - Young Horse Starting and Problem Horse Specialist

Friday, June 7, 2013
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Jamie Lawton and the Arabian Stallion Tuxedo Thyme
Jamie Lawton and the Arabian Stallion Tuxedo Thyme
A lifetime Horseman Jamie has a blend of natural horsemanship and talent that translates readily into dressage training. Specializing in starting youngsters, working through problems and developing a useable connection in the bridle Jamie is a valuable asset to any training program either short or long term. Jamie can see through almost all of the common misbehaviors that horses present and see the solution on the other side. Further, once the problems have been addressed and corrected he gets the horse back working on the right track whatever the discipline. Growing up in a family of trainers Jamie started singling out his diverse horsemanship by turning towards performing all of the stunts and thrill maneuvers at the Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre where his parents Kim and Yvonne Barteau of KYB Dressage worked for years.
By the age of twelve he was the world's youngest circus bareback rider performing nightly in the dinner theatre in the circus bareback routine as well as other stunts in the show. Nightly he would be seen galloping across the arena during the Indian raid only to be yanked off the back of the horse in full stride. Two acts later he would be skiing behind the Florida horses.

Jamie also showed an early interest and aptitude for Liberty Training which is the art of working a horse loose or " at liberty" a form of training found in equine theaters or the movies. There are very few trainers in this country who have skills and experience in this rather unique field. Almost all of Jamie's training prospects do some basic liberty work as part of their initial orientation.
During this time Jamie worked in the family business at KYB Dressage starting youngsters and correcting behavior or training related problems that showed up in the sale horses that came through the barn. He successfully re trained horses with bucking, rearing and bolting problems as well as working on confidence building with green, spooky or flighty types. During this time frame he realized that he would prefer to start his own youngsters and therefore be able to avoid many of the issues he dealt with regularly.
Jamie Lawton and Cowboy
Jamie Lawton and Cowboy
Jamie's next real project came in the form of receiving a "backyard quarter horse" named Cowboy. With no prior experience training reining horses, Jamie taught Cowboy all of the reining horse maneuvers including bridle-less work with changes to two tempis, fast and slow spins, and of course competition worthy sliding stops. He performed an east meets west routine with the KYB Dressage team at many venues including Dressage at Devon, and PVDA ride for life in Washington D.C. Cowboy also learned to bow, march and to lay down. One of his long term projects is Tuxedo Thyme, aka Tux, a nine year old Arabian stallion who was full of energy and talent but needed Jamie's unique brand of guidance and training. He and Jamie won 9 regional championships last year in the Arabian circuit with very limited showing. In addition to his dressage work Tux and Jamie have performed at the Midwest horse fair and other venues with their exciting liberty exhibitions.The pair is now ready to compete at the FEI Prix St. Georges and I-1 levels in the 2013 show season.
Jamie Lawton and the Arabian Stallion Tuxedo Thyme
Jamie Lawton and the Arabian Stallion Tuxedo Thyme
Tux is looking like he will join a very small group of purebred Arabian stallions capable of reaching the Grand Prix level of dressage.

Jamie has been very successful with starting young horses and has already started more than fifty. He is very patient with his approach and his liberty training background has become a valuable tool within his training system.

Jamie has a quiet methodical horse friendly approach that gives horses confidence and allows horses to understand their job. He is comfortable with all kinds of horses Friesians, Warmbloods, Quarter horses, Arabians, Drafts, and miniature horses. He has effectively trained horses from basic ground work, to a roman team, from reining, to bridle less work to FEI dressage.

The majority of the horses Jamie has worked with have come to him because they were un-rideable or deemed unsafe. After careful assessment and handling he was able to turn them into reliable citizens that other people could work with or ride successfully.
All of Jamie's horses noticeably become attached to him and that bond allows him to get through issues that others before him could not.

Jamie has a very special talent and ability which often fills a need in any training situation. His laid back attitude, confidence and diverse approach have made him a popular "go to" guy with everyone from backyard horseman to top professionals.Jamie makes his home base at KYB Dressage located at Grand Prix Equestrian in Maple Park Illinois. He routinely takes in projects both short and long term. He also travels both locally and nationally to assess or address projects as time allows.

To contact Jamie Lawton visit the kybdressage website and look under trainers or contact him directly at lawton421@yahoo.com.