Jack Le Goff Honored at USET Foundation Memorial Gathering

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emotions ran high at a small yet Olympic star-studded memorial held in honor of the late US and Canada Three Day Eventing Coach, Jack Le Goff on Monday evening.  The extent of Jack’s influence on modern Three Day Eventing resonated in powerful eulogies given by Tad Coffin, David O’Connor and Jimmy Wofford.  O’Connor reminded the crowd that it was Jack who brought the concept of interval training from Marathon runners to combined training.  A system that has been widely adopted throughout horse sports-,the fitness of horses trained by Le Goff were a testimonial to his brilliance as a Horsemaster . Both O’Connor and Wofford struggled to keep their tears in check as they described the legend and the legacy of Jack Le Goff.  George Morris, who wasn’t able to attend, sent a letter echoing their sentiments.

The USET Foundation’s historic building in Gladstone, NJ has never looked better and seemed an unintentional testimony to Le Goff’s stringent horse keeping standards.  Freshly painted and stained stalls all bore the names of Olympic gold greats turned out by Jack.  Bally Cor, Better and Better and Irish Cap to name a few.  
Centered in the rotunda was a display with Jack’s French Military uniform, old photographs from his days at Saumur, a glass of champagne and of course, a pack of his ever present cigarettes.  Enlarged photos decorated the walls as a historic slide show played to French war era music.

No one turned out more gold medals for the USET than Jack Le Goff as he truly put the United States on the World map as a force to be reckoned with.  Gold medalists and former team members in addition to Coffin, Wofford and O’Connor attendance included; Karen Stives, Mike Huber, Kerry Millikin, Torrence Watkins, Karen O’Connor, and Grant Schneidman Kim Walnes, to name a few.  It was a virtual Who’s Who in Eventing.  
Adieu old friend.

Memorial contributions can be made through the USET Foundation to the Jack Le Goff Memorial Fund online at https://www.uset.org/securedonate.php or by calling 908-234-125..