It's A Race For Help for the Horses of Katrina

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Instead of getting her horses ready to go off to the next big show of the season, FEI Dressage rider Cynthia Payne hooked up her horse trailer filled with supplies and headed off to Louisiana State University to help in whatever way she can to assist in the aftermath of the devastating affects of hurricane Katrina.

Payne, who is a member of our Who's Who community, was in North Carolina for the summer to train after spending the winter months in Wellington, Florida. There Payne has been deeply immersed in working together with an affiliate organization and NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle in developing, and organization specifically designed to align NASCAR, its drivers, and their fan base for a united front in helping those that cannot help themselves. Their mission is addressing the issues of so many animals - Life with shelter, water, and food, medical treatment and owners whom are educated and enlightened to the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

Then came Katrina, and Cynthia contacted us to help spread the word of the immediate efforts and the desperate need for donations of money and supplies. While the website is till in development, there is a link for making donations and the supplies needed.

In a united effort, Racing 4 Pets is working directly with the Houston SPCA, LA/SPCA, the Dallas SPCA,the surrounding TX AND LA shelter's, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Aiding the evacuation of the animals from New Orleans, by providing food, funds, and supplies to HSUS, LA/SPCA, TX/SPCA's and very importantly, LSU. LSU(Louisiana State University) is accepting both large and small animals.

The New Orleans Large animals are being evacuated to LSU and then most are trasferred into Texas. Some have been transferred into Mississippi. The Coliseum in Jackson, MS with over 1000 stalls in currently a staging ground and shelter for the large animal refugees of Katrina.The LA and, TX/SPCA's are stretched thin with supplies and food.

Horses and cattle are in desparate need of food and supplies. Racing 4 Pets is in direct contact with the TX/SPCA'a, LSU and the MS coliseum. Hay is needed desperately. Horses and cattle are starving as their food source is underwater. The LSU staging area has already accepted hundreds of animals. More are on their way.

The HSUS Disaster Relief Teams have just been allowed in to the affected area's and the numbers are catastrophic. For those still alive, they are in need of food, water and medical supplies.

Racing 4 Pets is making a united effort to raise funds and provide food for the large animals now and throughout the winter. Their food sources and hay fields, are destroyed. It is an immediate problem and a long term one.

A non-profit 501c3 charity, Racing 4 Pets is working hard in the race against time to help the animals of Katrina and ease the suffering of displaced owners. Payne who also has experience in water rescue will also be on hand if needed in the region.

Racing 4 Pets was founded to further awareness through education for the ethical and humane treatment of animals. Founded by an equestrian professional, Racing 4 Pets guarantees, all funds donated will be used in the disaster relief fund for Katrina.

Please donate now and earmark your funds for HORSES.
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