Isabell Werth Untouchable at the 2008 CDIO Aachen

Monday, July 7, 2008
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Isabell Werth remained unbeaten at the 2008 CHIO Aachen, after winning the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen in the Grand Prix Freestyle with Satchmo: With a score of 80.15 percent, she triumphed in this competition despite a few mistakes in the flying-changes and half-passes.

"I had a great feeling, the music has an emotional effect on me every time. We have altered the music from last year, since we received a lot of criticism that it contained too much singing. Originally it comprised Vangelis melodies, but now it has been completely recomposed. The voice sounds more like an instrument now," Isabell Werth explained. "I hope that we can repeat our form at the Olympic Games as well, because Satchmo is going to have a short break before I prepare him for Hong Kong."

She then added: "There is no doubt about the fact that we have got to improve a few exercises, and the same applies to the other riders." Namely things didn't run smoothly for the remaining German riders: Nadine Capellmann finished seventh with Elvis VA on a score of 73.05 percent and Heike Kemmer only came eleventh, after receiving a score of 70.5 percent.

Hailed the "shooting star of Aachen", the Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissen stood up to the pressure well, claiming second place with a score of 77.5 percent. "It is certainly no disgrace being placed behind Isabell Werth," laughed the 28-year-old English teacher. She is nominated as the reserve rider for the Olympic Games.

"Unfortunately, we didn't qualify at the trials in the Netherlands, because Parzival was very spooky. But he seems to feel comfortable here in Aachen and I'd certainly like to come back." Cornelissen has only been riding at Grand Prix level for the past 18 months. She has only performed her freestyle routine comprising of rock'n'roll melodies four times. "It is not too difficult yet technically speaking, but we will constantly increase the degree of difficulty."

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