Isabell Werth Back in the Saddle after Baby Break

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

German Olympic gold medallist Isabell Werth is back in the saddle after a long baby break, giving birth to her first son Frederik on 30th October 2009. Werth had been walking a few horses the last couple of weeks, but she's now actively training her top horses again. "The baby-riding-break was not easy for me," Werth admitted. "Satchie, Hannes and Don Johnson , these three are my after-pregnacy-fitnessprogram. I might not be as slender as Super-Mom Heidi Klum, well, I guess I never was, but the excess kilos are gradually going away and my breeches fit again." Werth confessed that she felt quite sore after her first rides on her elite horses. "I felt stiff and was aching after the first proper ride, especially in my femorals and my bottom. But that's all o.k. again and I notice that I become more and more flexible every day."

Her baby Frederik has become a fixture in the stables. "While I ride he sleeps relaxed in his buggy in a save corner of the arena. I am sure he will have learned everything about riding before he sits on a horseback for the first time. Well, maybe he'd rather become a soccer player."

Werth has not yet announced her come back to the show ring. Her FEI suspension for the positive doping test on her horse Whisper ends 23rd December 2009.