Isabell Werth and Olympic Candidate Emilio Crack 80 Percent Threshold at Schindlof CDI

Sunday, July 3, 2016
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Isabelle Werth and Emilio

Isabelle Werth and Emilio are presented with the Manfred Swarovski Trophy Photo: © Mary Phelps 2016

In a world-class performance of the German team at Schindlhof in the Grand Prix Special, Isabell Werth (GER) and Emilio cracked the 80.196 percent riding before 5 Olympic judges, headed for Rio. Fellow country women Jessica von Bredow -Werndl and Zaire-E were close behind with a 76.02, and Anna Nolte and Pentimento were third with a 72.843. 

As Isabelle Werth and Emilio stood in the awards ceremony, she could only looking awe as Klaus Haim handed her the brilliant Manfred Swarovski Trophy. Even Werth with multiple Olympic and World Champion Medals to her name was amazed at the beauty of crystal masterpiece which will now have her name added to the list of winners in the 22nd anniversary of the Schindlhof CDI4* Tournament.

Riders from 9 nations made ​​it to the final of the Top 15 in the Grand Prix Special. Among them, the only Austrian hostess Evelyn Haim-Swarovski, who remarked critically after her ride, "I have made ​​too many mistakes, but was very proud to have it ever done in this world-class field in the top 15th. Dorina and I will continue to practice diligently, so we are ready for the national championships at home with us at Schindlhof in September."

Isabell Werth and her 10-year-old Olympic candidate Emilio still have more potential as they continue to grow together. "I'm getting there, I can ride him," announced the 5-time Olympic champion after her Grand Prix victory on Schindlhof with Emilio.

Riding in front of the Olympic Judges Thomas Lang (Austria), Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode (Netherlands), Peter Holler (Germany), Gary Rockwell (United Kingdom) and Annette Fringe Jacobaeus (Sweden) towards their 80.196 percent, Werth topped the scoreboard of the Dutch and Americans recently competing in Rotterdam. The 12-time German Champion Isabell Werth praised her young Westphalan gelding by Ehrenpreis,"I am more and more pilot as co-pilot and can draw on the potential of this horse. It's great how Emilio developed from tournament to tournament. "22. Manfred Swarovski Memorial Tournament

Concours de Dressage International, CDI4 *

Grand Prix Special - Prizes of D. Swarovski KG and honor gift distillery Rochelt

1. Isabell Werth (GER), Emilio 107 to 80.196 percent
2. Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (GER), Zaire-E - 76.023. Anna Nolte (GER), Pentimento - 72.862
4. Judy Reynolds (IRL), Vancouver K - 72.039
5. Dorothee Schneider (GER), Fohlenhofs Rock'n Rose - 71.863
14. Evelyn Haim-Swarovski (AUT), Dorina - 66.089

Result in detail here

Winners List Manfred Swarovski Trophy:
1995 Bianca Kasselmann, GER
1996 Austrian National Championship dressage - no CDI
1997 Bianca Kasselmann, GER
1998 Christilot Boylen, CAN
1999 Markus Gribbe, GER
2000 Thorsten Dietz, GER
2001 Günther Seidel, USA
2002 Austrian National Championship dressage - no CDI
2003 Anja Ploenzke, GER
2004 Rafael Soto Andrade, ESP
2005 Silvia Iklé, SUI
2006 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT
2007 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT
2008, no overall winner, music freestyle fell due to bad weather from
2009 Austrian National Championship dressage - no CDI
2010 Ulla Salzgeber, GER
2011 Carl Hester, GBR
2012 Carl Hester, GBR
2013 Valentina Truppa, ITA
2014 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT
2015 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT
2016 Isabell Werth, GER