Internationally Successful Six Goal Polo Player Sugar Erskine Joins Horses Healing Hearts as Polo Ambassador

Sunday, January 18, 2015
Posted by Kendall Bierer for Phelps Media Group, Inc. International

Sugar Erskine
Sugar Erskine

Wellington, FL - Horses Healing Hearts (HHH) is the only non-profit organization in the country that provides an equine facilitated learning program designed to help children dealing with addiction in their homes. Now, the national organization is proud to announce that the internationally successful six-goal polo player Sugar Erskine has joined the growing nonprofit organization as their second Polo Ambassador. His first action as an HHH Ambassador will be co-chairing the 2015 Hope Through Horses Golf Tournament alongside Lisa Jacquin this February 23, 2015, at The Wanderers Club in Wellington, Florida.

HHH teaches empowerment and life-coping skills, and the organization helps children build self-confidence by learning about horse care and riding. Each week, over 50 children are served from the greater Palm Beach County community.

The organization's mission hit close to the heart with Erskine, who had no difficulty in recognizing the potential struggles that can take place in a home with addiction. His own triumphs over addiction have led him to want to give back to children who may be struggling due to their home environment.

Sugar Erskine
Sugar Erskine

"I couldn't find a better way for me to do justice to what I did. That's the way I see it. Now it's up to me to give [the organization] the attention it needs and the respect it deserves. If that's the service I'm able to do in this world, that's something," said Erskine. "Being able to give [the children] a little bit of hope if they see my story, or my idea, or the way it was, they can have a little bit of hope that it can change for them as well. It can be something that they can at least have a dream about."

The unique approach the 501(c)3 charitable organization takes by educating through horses really stood out to Erskine, since many of the children who become involved in the program have very little exposure to horses prior to joining. Without a background in horses, many of the children come in with a limited understanding of their behavior, but they are quickly able to relate to the connections the horses and humans make.

 "Just the fact that we have the horses there to learn from is a huge part. I always talk about the horses, but that's because I'm so involved in them. When they see that connection with the horse, it's real-that's the glue that binds us all together when we're there," Erskine described.

Sugar Erskine, Lizabeth Olszewski and Jeff Blake
Sugar Erskine, Lizabeth Olszewski and Jeff Blake

Erskine is very excited about co-chairing the golf tournament, which is one of his other passions. Jacquin breathed life to the event last spring after becoming HHH's first Show Jumping Ambassador, and Erskine has pledged to help get other players involved in this charity event. This fundraiser will complement HHH's other major function, the Fourth Annual White White West Party, which will be held on February 20, 2015.

"I love golf; I'm a fanatic. I'm useless at it, which is the worst part!" laughed Erskine. "I'm trying to organize the sponsors and the players; all of us polo players all kind of do favors for each other, and there were a lot of people who were there to support me during my time of need, so I know that they will support an organization I feel such a connection to. HHH hits pretty close to home for me, so it's not a hard thing for me to talk about or be involved with."

Lizabeth Olszewski founded Horses Healing Hearts as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in September 2009 in Wellington, Florida. To help Horses Healing Hearts with donations of time or money, or to learn more, visit http://www.HHHUSA.org or e-mail Liz Olszewski at liz@hhhusa.org or call (561) 713-6133.

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