The International Sport Horse Palm Beach Invitational and Series Final Presented by Blue Hors

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
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The Blue Hors International Horse Sport Invitational and Series Final will award a Champion and Reserve Champion Horse/Rider Combination for each of the following Levels: 1st Level, Second Level, Third Level, Fourth Level, PSG, I-I and Grand Prix. (No Freestyles, Young Horse or Pas de Deux). All Horse/Rider Combinations competing in the IHS 2011 series shows at the Horse park at Equestrian Estates, Loxahatchee, Florida are automatically elligable to earn points for the final invitational to win their share of $15,000 in cash and prizes.

We will be offering $1,000 to the winning Horse/Rider Combination and $500.00 for 2nd Place Horse/Rider Combination per Level, with ribbons and prizes in addition to the cash prizes. All cash and prizes will be awarded to the rider.

To qualify for the championship each Horse/Rider Combination must compete in at least 2 of the first four IHS 2011 season shows and ride the highest test of the level...points will be awarded for each qualifying score earned by the Horse/Rider Combination (as per the point scale listed below). The top 10 qualified Horse/Rider Combinations in each level that have competed in at least 2 IHS shows and have accumulated the highest total points will advance to the final. The final invitational ride will determine the champion and reserve placings.

No class fee will be charged for the final invitational ride. The more qualifying classes that the riders show, the more points they can accumulate for the final invitational.

Each qualifying test score will be awarded points as follows at each show:
60 - 62.999 4 points
63 - 65.999 5 points
66 - 68.999 6 points
69 - 71.999 7 points
72 - 74.999 8 points
75 - 77.999 9 points
78 - higher 10 points


2011 Schedule
January 29-30
Int'l Horse Sport Dressage Premiere
at Equestrian Estates (Derby Showgrounds)
March 3-6
IHS - Palm Beach Derby CDIW
at Equestrian Estates (Derby Showgrounds)
March 24-27
IHS - Champions Cup CDI3*
at Equestrian Estates (Derby Showgrounds)
April 2-3
IHS - Dressage at the Equestrian Estates Show NAJYRC, DH, BC
at Equestrian Estates (Derby Showgrounds)
April 22-24
IHS - Invitational & IHS Series Final
at Equestrian Estates (Derby Showgrounds)Series Indroduced at the Horse Park at Equestrian Estates, Loxahathchee, Florida