International Show Jumper Andrew Bourns Equips Horses with Omega Alpha Supplements for Summer Show Season

Thursday, May 5, 2016
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Omega Alpha Ambassador Andrew Bourns and Charming Girl 16

Omega Alpha Ambassador Andrew Bourns and Charming Girl 16

Wellington, FL - Andrew Bourns, owner and operator of Bourns Sport Horses, sets extremely high standards for the top-of-the-line Grand Prix show jumping horses that he and his family produces to compete on the world stage. From the beginning, Bourns sources the most promising young horses from the best bloodlines of Europe. These horses are then raised at the Bourns Sport Horses Ireland facility, Lisbeg Farms, until they are ready for the American market. By the time the horses arrive at Bourns’ North American facilities in Wellington, Florida and Ontario, Canada, they have undergone a rigorous selection process for a variety of factors including soundness and mentality, a substantial pre-purchase veterinary examination, and extensive observation to determine exactly which riders they are likely to suit. “North America is our showroom, so when the horses get here we need them to perform in their absolute peak capabilities,” said Bourns, whose family has been producing and competing sport horses for at least four generations. “They need to look and feel like million dollar horses — and that is where Omega Alpha comes in.”

Bourns has developed a customized health regimen for each of his horses by using supplements manufactured by Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals. Like Bourns Sport Horses, Omega Alpha is committed to reaching the highest possible standard in equine health and performance. With more than 20 years of experience in developing natural equine supplements through research-based science, the company offers a wide range of award-winning products, including formulas to support respiration, digestion, joint health, hormonal balance, immune health, detoxification, muscle rehabilitation, endurance, and performance.

“I have had very, very good results with Omega Alpha. I’ve used the full line of products, and they do exactly what they say they’ll do on the package,” said Bourns. “The horses look awesome, they feel great, and they stay healthy even in the hot weather in Florida, which is considered a harsh environment for a horse. I find that with the help of the Omega Alpha supplements, the horses do extremely well.”

The equestrian market would seem to agree — having started the winter season with 18 horses in Wellington, Bourns finished the season with just eight after successfully transferring 10 to new homes. Meanwhile, he has 25 to 30 horses in Ireland that he plans to train up to the Grand Prix level before finding them owners, as well. “I have a selection of new horses here and in Europe right now that are all potential Grand Prix horses. My plan is to do some shows in North America over the summer,” he explained. “This year I am going to show several nice eight-year-olds and two fantastic nine-year-old mares in addition to my main competition horse, Charming Girl.”

Omega Alpha Ambassador Andrew Bourns and Charming Girl 16 Prepare for a summer tour of North American show jumping competitions

Omega Alpha Ambassador Andrew Bourns and Charming Girl 16 Prepare for a summer tour of North American show jumping competitions.

Bourns is currently preparing his horses for the Kentucky Spring Horse Show, May 11-15, and the Kentucky Spring Classic, May 18-22, both of which will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. After that, he plans to show in the Split Rock Jumping Tour, held May 25-29 at Split Rock Farm in Lexington. In July, he will travel north for the three-week-long Great Lakes Equestrian Festival in Traverse City, Michigan, and then on to Angelstone Tournaments in Ontario in August. In the fall, he plans to take his horses to New York for the Hampton Classic, the American Gold Cup, the Central Park Horse Show, and the New Albany Classic.

Omega Alpha plays a crucial role in Bourns’ program for Charming Girl 16, who he competes for her owner, Elissa Reisman. “I brought Charming Girl into my system a month ago from a system that was not using supplements. The difference I have seen in her since she began using Omega Alpha supplements is unbelievable,” he said. “She is a little bit of a worry body, so I like to give her the Chill, and I also love the Gastra-FX for her as it is great for her stomach, especially when she is traveling from show to show. And of course she uses the Sinew X Plus,” he added, referring to his favorite product for his performance horses. Sinew X- Plus is an anti-inflammatory which both prevents and aids in the recovery of joint pain and muscle soreness while increasing the rate of repair of joint cartilage and ligaments.

“With the help of Omega Alpha, Charming Girl has absolutely turned around into a fantastic horse. I hope that she will continue to improve all summer long, and everybody is going to know her name by the end of the summer,” he predicted.

To learn more about Omega Alpha’s range of quality health products and how they can help you improve and maintain your horses’ readiness for competition, visit or call 1-800-651-3172.