International Competition and Sponsor Support

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


With international competition a goal, Stacey Parvey-Larsson recognizes she’ll require significant backing from sponsors. She currently has support from equestrian product companies including Purina, Verhan Saddlery, Charles Owen, Nupa Feed, Equilite, Choice of Champions International and Blue Centaur. “When I moved to Ocala, I was able to meet the right people, talk with them, and let them know I was interested in doing something with them,” Stacey notes. “By being open and honest and asking, ‘What can I do for you?’ the sponsors knew I wanted to help them promote their products. I believe in each product sponsor, am proud to wear their logos and very thankful for their support!”

Stacy is also thankful to her clients/friends who have supplied her with horses, including Aileen Daly, Suzanne McCarthy, Linda Woltz, Beverly Nahman and Peggy Funk. Stacey names Bernardo Vergara as a supporter on many levels including through his company Verhan Saddlery. A former cavalryman, Bernardo is a native of Chile who resides in Ocala. “His saddles are amazing!” Stacey says. “He’s been very kind in helping me achieve my goals. I thank him for everything he has done to get me to where I am today! He introduced me to wonderful horses and clients I never would have had if it weren’t for him.”