Ingred Lin – We Will Miss You!

Friday, December 18, 2009

We just received word that Ingred Lin, owner of White Fences Center, Loxahatchee Florida, and the beautiful Lucitano Stallions Que Macho and Queba HM ridden by Olympian Lisa Wilcox passed away, peacefully from her long battle with cancer last night. Beautiful and gracious throughout her relationship with her illness, Ingred never allowed her cancer to define her. It was always a secondary concern as she chose instead to focus on her horses, friendships, and how to live as long as possible. Her devotion to her horses, her friends, family and the popular Welcome Back to White Fences Dressage Show Series added a light and inspiration to all who knew her. We will be bringing more detail regarding  services and donations in her honor as they come in.

You can post your thoughts, memories and stories about Ingred on the White Fences Equestrian Center Website - We encourage all who knew her to share your memories.

Rest in peace girlfriend, we miss you already!

For those of you who would like your memories posted on DressageDaily send me an e-mail and I will add to this page.

Tributes to Ingred

Elena Oleinikova

To the memory of Inrged Lin:  
" Four things greater than all things are - Woman and Horses and Power and War." - R. Kipling
Why the sky is in tears? It is heavy and draining....
We mourning for Inged, our Dear Friend... crying, praying...

No regrets are left behind, no remorses
She was spinning the Earth by the hoofs of her gracious horses.
With the Power that is stronger than a World,
With the Passion, that is greater than an Eternity,
Like the raindrops to the fertile soil -
With the Love, that's derived from the Spiritual Maternity...

From the Beginning to the End,  there is a Message.. Let me put is in writing -
While there are The Fire and The Beautiful Horses, my Dear Friends,
We should be jolly and keep on riding....
We should keep spinning the World with their gracious hoofs
And cherish our friends, and do things for others - unconditionaly...

While there are Woman and Horses and Power and War...
The rain keeps on coming, the tears-drops are darting...
We will always remember her style of spinning the Earth,
Her most Inspirational and Elegant way of Riding...
Elena Oleinikova - 12/18/1009