The Influence of the Airway

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Posted by Christy

We are at an ecology war – our heads ache, our sinuses are irritated, our bronchioles are sore, our throats itch and our eyes burn. The lungs are so restricted that we cannot even take deep breaths and the mucus is too great to be overcome.

As the toxins from the fires of wood, plastic, and other chemicals burn into the atmosphere, this propagates and creates many airborne viruses. Equine, human and other living beings that relay on that oxygen for life are being poisoned.

As we all know that breathing is the first order of life; we can go without water and food for a few days, but we cannot go without breathing. What we breath does and will control the response of the brain to body message sending signals. Because the airway does not have the ability to block intrusive and offensive diseases it will automatically deliver the toxins to the brains, the bronchial, lungs and to the intestines, etc.

The continual message from the body to the brain is the request for help with that viral intrusion. The quickest response back from the brain is the plea to produce more mucus. That is exactly what the body’s computer does. It over produces mucus until there is no more room inside the lung, and inside the large and small intestine.

With such irritants the bodies mechanics will over produce mucus filling the bronchi’s, lungs and then into the intestine restricting space. The mucus will harden into the small and large intestine, this can create: impaction, colic and restrictions in movement.

So now the mind body has to make a decision which part to move, the vertebrae, the scapular, the ribs, the femur, the pelvic, the stifle, the hock, the suspensory, and all ligaments and muscles. The request is to help get those body parts away from all the clogged and stuck organs.

That is why the scapular or the spine moves away in order to free the airway for breathing, and the intestines to be able to void the fecal matter.

If the signal misfires or makes the wrong move at the exact time of the voiding then the jammed up space can create impaction and/or colic.

We have to help those improper signals from the continual command and response to over produce mucus, and not to create stuck space which will lead to shutdown and lameness.

The air borne virus triggers the memory sensor to cease activity and produce mucus and wrong chemicals. They will act in the same manner as epoxy and resin and create glue like matter diffusing the internal space.

And this happens to us humans who live in a better ecological environment than the equine being. You have a reasonability to search and acquire the right products to help you and your horse through these dangerous fire times, air pollution and pollen.

Use airway sprays to reduce the harmful effects of poor air quality and you and your horse will breath easy.

The other aspect to be conscious of is that we continue to create the most unhealthy place for our best friend to live in. The stall never gets opportunity to rid itself of unhealthy cells. However, it continues to produce more viruses with newly propagated intelligence. This new awareness learns how to live on the medicine that has been the standard practice in treating disease. It truly gives more power to the disease in the long run.

However, when you are at ease and unstuck you are less likely to be at disease.

A very crucial thing to do is spraying the stall as often as possible with a clean air stall spray. The products in a clearing formula should have all the right action cells to convert the unhealthy cells to a more refreshed and freer release. The healthy cells integrate with the unhealthy and can establish more harmony.

Aloe Vera, eucalyptus, herbs, fruits, minerals, highly charged magnetic particles - they all work in the same manner as an orchestra being with finesse requested to play this vibrational harmony.