Improve Your Horse’s Appetite and Gut Health with RegenerEQ™

Thursday, August 5, 2021
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When your horse needs a nudge to clean his plate, try the veterinarian recommended RegenerEQ™ by Omega Alpha.

RengenerEQ™ is an innovative natural product developed by Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. This is designed to support gastrointestinal (GI) health through supporting the GI mucosal immune system which can have a beneficial effect on overall health in equines. RengenerEQ™ is designed to rev up appetite and regenerate a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) immune system.


RegenerEQ™ helps:

  • Promotes appetite and weight gain.
  • Promotes a healthy gastrointestinal environment.
  • Normalizes the integrity of the GI tract.
  • Improves behavior and performance.
  • Promotes and maintains gastrointestinal health without limiting the stomach acid production that is essential for digestion.
  • Best used when trailering, or before and during stressful situations that can cause gastrointestinal distress.
  • Recommended for horses that get stressed from travel, competition, new surroundings, or new feed.

The Spleen is the largest secondary immune organ in the body and is responsible for initiating immune reactions. The spleen is also the largest secondary lymphoid organ containing about one-fourth of the body’s lymphocytes and initiates immune responses. The gastrointestinal system plays a key role in the complex mechanisms of immune-regulation as 70% of the entire immune system is found at this level.

RegenerEQ™ Ingredients:

1. Fraction 23
Fraction-23 is a specific combination of key bioactive isolates which includes tuftsin and splenopentin, platelet-derived growth factors, and immune modulators obtained from spleen extract by a proprietary process developed by Omega Alpha. Fraction-23 has been scientifically evaluated for efficacy using an equine model. Clinically evaluated for efficacy, Fraction-23 has been shown to help repair the gastrointestinal mucosa. Fraction-23 contains tuftsin and splenopentin.

  • Tuftsin – A basic and naturally occurring tetrapeptide produced in the spleen. It exhibits immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-tumor, and anti-ulcer activity. Tuftsin has also been shown to protect the mucous membranes.
  • Splenopentin – A pentapeptide that corresponds to the amino acid sequence 32-36. Splenopentin has demonstrated an immune-regulatory effect in a number of experimental and animal model systems.

2. Sunflower Oil
Sunflower oil is produced by expressing the oils from sunflower seeds. It is typically used internally in the body. It is low in saturated fat, which makes it a better choice than oils and fats that are high in saturated fat. The phytonutrients in this plant are known to support the immune system response and have anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and stimulant properties.

3. Flax Oil
Flax oil provides omega-3 oils and is an excellent and primary source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Flaxseed provides essential fatty acids for the maintenance of good health. Flax oil supports healthy bowel movements by increasing bulk volume and water content. It also promotes healthy intestinal flora and contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antitussive properties.

4. Silica
Silica is a source of silicon which is a trace mineral that is involved in many enzymatic pathways and metabolic reactions. Silicon works to enhance the remineralization of the bone tissue which helps to ensure that calcium and other minerals are deposited onto the bone. It also promotes firmness and strength in the tissues and helps to maintain healthy hair, nails, and/or skin

RegenerEQ™ by Omega Alpha is made from all-natural ingredients, is non-GMO, and contains no corn, dairy, wheat, or yeast. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial and offers long-lasting GI health for horses without limiting essential acid production.

Ask your veterinarian about helping your picky eater clean his plate while improving gut health with RegenerEQ™ by Omega Alpha.