Impressive First Outdoor Performance for Don Auriello and Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén

Saturday, May 31, 2014
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Sweden’s Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén and Don Auriello showed everyone that they are back in the competition ring in full strength. Their performance was convincing, full of expression, elegance, and swing. The extensions were covering, uphill and expressive, the half passes showed good bending and the flying changes were really good. The passage and piaffe were well balanced and elastique. The judges awarded their test with 79.460%. Tinne said afterwards: “I am really happy with my test. Don Auriello was so rideable and relaxed today. He is a very eager horse and has much energy, but it all worked out today.” Second placed Isabell Werth and El Santo NRW showed a very solid and powerful test. Highlights were their extensions and half pass exercises. They make half passes look easy. Their performance received a score of 75.680%.Ulla Salzgeber and Herzruf’s Erbe had a promising, well calculated and elegant test. The transitions from passage to piaffe and back to passage were very good and the pirouettes were well centered and had much self-carriage. The mistake in the 1 tempi might have cost them some points. Their test received 75.240%.

Nürnberger Rider Ranking leader Patrik Kittel finished in fourth place with his KWPN stallion Watermill Scandic HBC with 73.780%. The pair showed an active, fluent and powerful test. Scandic’s passage and piaffe are powerful and expressive and the transitions are super.

Holland’s Patrick van der Meer and Uzzo finished in fifth with 71.500%. They performed a expressive and forward test with great half pass exercises in trot and canter and good transitions. In passage and piaffe the hindlegs of the horse could be a bit more active and regular.

Full results here.

Time Schedule For WDM Live 

Saturday, May 31:
16:00 - € 20,000 Horsebox Austria Grand Prix Special presented by Fürst Fugger Privatbank – Grand Prix Special

Sunday, June 1:
13:00 - WDM Youth Challenge – Preis der MarburgVodermair GmbH – Final – FEI Grand Prix Freestyle U25
14:00 - € 70,000 Euro Exquis Grand Prix Kür presented by Axel Johnson Group und der NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe - Grand Prix Freestyle