Important Insurance Info for Horses on the Move

Monday, March 7, 2016
Posted by Mary Phelps


In spite of increasing numbers of year round residents, the majority of the winter residents are in the moving mode, packing, shipping, stressing. I used to keep a certain frame of mind when doing the north/south routine before becoming a year round resident. Think of it this way, for most of you, in less than 24 hours, once you leave, you will be settled, so don’t spend the last few weeks or days during the best time of the Florida winter stressing about the move. For those of you who have horses insured with us at Markel (or any other major company), keep some important factors in mind. Your policy lists where your horse is located, and who has CCC (care custody, and control) of your horse. It also has phone number contacts for you and that person. If that situation has changed, it is your responsibility as the insured to advise your company/agent of any changes.

Also remember another important requirement of you policy. If you are calling your vet, for anything other than routine care you need to also contact your insurance claims department to report the issue, even if it is something which you may not need to make a claim. Sometimes small problems can turn into big ones, and you do not want to jeopardize your coverage for not being forthcoming on medical issues your horse has had throughout the policy year.

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