Important HorseMarket Update! - HorseMarket Manager Headed on Vacation!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Schools almost out and Summer almost here and I (Liz) will be sneaking away for a family vacation! I am a very lucky person and will be headed out to a European cruise! While I will have some access to the internet (never sure of the quality of an internet connection on a ship) to work on HorseMarket submissions, I hope to dedicate a great deal of my time to my family. If you are considering placing your horse for sale on HorsesDaily's HorseMarket - please submit them to me by Wednesday, May 25th so that I can get your ad up in a timely manner or consider holding onto that ad until I return on June 13.

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Please be sure when submiting an ad to have all the information already there and complete such as whether the photo is taken by yourself or a professional (a pro photo requires permission from the photographer via email or photo release). Please be patient if you submit one during the actual cruise dates and it does not go up immediately - it means there is an internet issue and you are not being ignored! As always - I will do my best for you all! Thank you to all our HorseMarket clients!