Important! 2022 FEI & USEF Rule Changes For Combined Driving

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Posted by USEF Driving



Effective January 21, 2022, Athletes, officials, and organizers must all take a moment to review the applicable 2022 rule changes from the FEI and USEF as the adoption of these rules causes changes at all levels.

The image above shows the flow of competition at a Combined Driving Event. Watch the webinar video linked below for a clearer discussion of rule changes including this diagram.

Review the complete list of rule changes here

Here are a few highlights to watch for:

  • FEI: New qualification criteria for 2* & 3* Athletes
  • USEF: The Advanced division will split into “Novice Advanced” (follow CAI 2*) & “Open Advanced” (follow CAI 3*)
  • FEI/USEF: A helmet will be required for athletes & grooms in the cones competition, in addition to marathon
  • FEI/USEF: Not required to use the same carriage in dressage and cones (be sure to read the stipulations for each level, as the Advanced/FEI still have some width/weight and groom requirements!)
  • FEI/USEF: New restrictions on equipment and communication devices in the competition training areas
  • FEI/USEF: For safety reasons, no children under 14 years old may be on a carriage unless they are competing in a class
  • FEI: All classes, except four-in-hand through 2022, will use an 80m x 40m Dressage arena
  • USEF: Continue to offer tests in both 100m x 40m and 80m x 40m arenas as an option – refer to competition prize lists.
  • FEI/USEF: New marathon format – removing the transfer section and changing the in-harness inspections
  • Marathon begins with the in-harness inspection and safety check (before Section A/controlled warm-up)
  • After Section A/controlled warm-up, a neutral “halt” (5-10 minutes) and a two-minute warm-up with a practice obstacle
  • After Section B, a mandatory “cool down” area for 10-15 minutes – only athletes/grooms
  • FEI: New requirements for organizers/events & licensed officials

Watch this video summary of the proposed USEF rule changes:

Rule Change Video
Click Here to watch the video. It's very helpful.