The Importance of Insuring your Equine Family Member

Monday, November 27, 2017
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These days, our horses are more a part of the family than ever. We give them special treats, we celebrate their birthdays, and we spend endless hours trying to make them comfortable. Pink polo wraps may be cute, and brow bands with bling may be the “in” thing, but wouldn't you rather put that money towards protecting one of your most valuable assets? And just like your riding career, horses have a career of their own. You invest in their purchase and then their training and competition which should hopefully increase their value. Medical expenses can be high, and many of those expenses are covered under medical/surgical coverage.

Peace of mind is something we all strive for, when it comes to our homes, our relationships, our careers and most importantly - our families. Whether your horse is part of your career, part of your family, or both, there’s insurance out there that can give you peace of mind for your equine friends. Whether you are a boarding, training or breeding facility with dozens of clients or you’ve got just one lovable personal horse at home, equine insurance can be your answer.

• Horse insurance is quick and easy. With the help of a horse friendly agent, it can be simple and painless. In some cases, you can even apply on-line.

• It’s really not expensive. Mortality coverage for the average horse costs about the same as your daily cup of coffee, donuts, soda, etc.

• You have a responsibility to those who come in contact with your horse. Liability insurance is something most people may forget in the horse insurance equation. Horse owners place themselves and their assets at risk every time their horse comes in contact with people or property. Equine-related lawsuits occur more frequently than one may expect, and many homeowners’ policies limit equine liability coverage, or may exclude it altogether.

• Select a horse insurance specialist who understands your specific insurance needs for your horse, farm or equine business.

• Accidents happen. Be prepared. The financial investment in your horse is too important to go unprotected. So many times horse owners are not adequately protected from certain situations. You can’t plan or predict everything. Some things are out of your control. Just be ready.

HorsesDaily is brought to you by Markel Equine Insurance Specialist Mary Phelps. We share your passion for horses and their wellbeing, and a true love and dedication to equine sport. We offer an on-line tour which takes just 5 minutes and gives us the information we need to provide you with a quote.

You can also insure horses $50,000 and under who meet the criteria on-line by selecting the button on our Mortality insurance page. Click on the “Markel logo - Bind Insurance Now” link on the right side of the screen. Applications can also be download and either e-mailed, “snail” mailed or faxed.

Please contact Mary Phelps, an Equine Insurance Specialists with Markel Insurance Company, or Tracey Scharf, Office Manager to get more information of this very affordable coverage. 1-800-572-3286. Mon. - Thur. 9-4 and Fri. 9-1 EST.