IDA Farm of Wellington A Welcoming Facility With All the Amenities

Saturday, September 26, 2015
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Wellington, FL – The International Dressage Academy (IDA Farm), a top choice for riders in the Wellington, Florida area, has reached the next stage in owner Harry Knopp’s plans for improvement. IDA Farm has revamped its online presence at www.idafarm.com. Knopp is the relatively new owner of the 16-year-old IDA Farm that was refurbished and expanded last year under his guidance. Despite the very exciting enhancements and additions to the renowned facility, Knopp was committed to maintaining the facility’s welcoming reputation and collaborative equestrian atmosphere. At IDA Farm, dressage riders of all levels— from training level adult amateurs to Grand Prix riders— and the their fellow jumper riders can continue to improve their skills in the high-quality facility with superb arenas and amenities located just a few miles from the famed Winter Equestrian Festival.

With IDA Farm entering the next era in its long history as a top Wellington riding facility, Knopp is confident that he can bring something new to the table. “Being an Executive Vice President of an Industrial Field Service Company and current Vice President of Power Plant Services in Chicago, I bring technology and business principles to the day-to-day operation of the farm to ensure that the visitors and clients have a long-lasting positive experience at IDA Farm,” said Knopp.
Knopp purchased the facility with the intent of transforming the already prominent farm and creating a truly remarkable experience for all of its clients. One year later, the facility can boast two covered arenas, an outdoor arena, a jumping field, a TheraPlate, a HORSE GYM USA® | WALK treadmill, and many other state of the art amenities.
With the newly transformed website, www.idafarm.com, IDA Farm is fully able to show off the revolutionary facility where guests can take a virtual tour of the unique and expansive grounds. “The website was designed to feature the amenities at IDA's training facility in video format, which gives the viewer a real sense of the feel and culture here at IDA Farm,” explained Knopp. The website is powered by Afflux Studios in Wellington, a company with an extensive portfolio of website, promotion, and music video work, which produces streamlined multimedia with the implementation of videos.
Through the new website, visitor’s can find a line-up of accomplished trainers based out of IDA Farm. Knopp’s daughter, Lauren Knopp, is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist manages the facility and provides teaching and training services at the facility. She is joined by trainer and professional handler King Santacruz of Mexico, as well as skilled trainer Werner Van Den Brande of Belgium. Central American Games Gold Medalist Patrick Burssens, with his daughter Monica, also provide training at IDA Farm. Grand Prix show jumper Manuel Lecuona, a member of multiple Mexican Nations Cup teams, offers training for jumper riders at IDA Farm. Recently joining the prestigious line up is internationally acclaimed dressage rider Jaime Amian, who has studied extensively under many dressage masters including Juan Manuel Munioz Diaz, Klaus Balkenhol, and Han Bemelmansof.  
IDA Farm has not only attracted some of the best trainers around the globe, but has also formed meaningful partnerships with some of the most prevalent companies in the equine circuit. Europe’s award-winning horse fence EquiSafe encompasses the farm with its safe, durable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically appealing fencing. Discount Dirtworks specializes in providing footing for equestrian properties, and has equipped IDA Farm with all weather German Geo Textile (GGT) Footing for the riding arenas. The Official Saddle of the U.S. Dressage Team, Custom Saddlery, also works hand in hand with IDA Farm. Custom Saddlery’s partnership and presence is extremely valued, as the company has also expanded as the Official Saddle of IDA Farm. And another prominent USEF partner, TheraPlate, the Official Therapy Plate of the USEF is also partnered with IDA Farm.
Currently, clients can complete a stall rental agreement and IDA Farm policy form on www.idafarm.com. Soon, a unique feature to be exclusively found on the IDA website will arrive— the site will give clients the ability to reserve stalls. “It’s like booking a hotel or airline ticket,” Knopp said. Clients will be able to book stalls for their horses for a long-term or short stay at IDA, and can customize their horses’ care from a dry stall option to full care or training.
The savvy new website www.idafarm.com has something to interest any e rider— showing that Knopp has indeed recruited technology on his side in order to serve the Wellington dressage community.
Check out the innovative new website at www.idafarm.com.