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Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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Clooney HW, HWfarm, Irene Wiederhold

Happy customers and horses, are just some of the main goals for Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HWfarm. To find, or breed and raise these fancy but vulnerable creatures, is not only a 24/7 job, it’s a lifestyle. With every new young stallion and everything that’s trendy, US riders often get their information via friends or the internet about an up and coming stallion (also older stallions) and what they produce, but this does not often mirror what the truth at the licensing and keurings holds.
It’s truly important, to have the right information, to know what to breed and what to buy, to have the basic foundation to build on, for a future, successful and rideable sport horse, that is supposed to be fun for his rider. Also keep in mind, that “even professionals” prefer a good brain and rideable horse, which only makes sense.
We see a new trend for the fancy, often "hotter" bloodlines being introduced more and more into Germany to mix up the good old German bloodlines and foundations. Take it with a grain of salt and a lot of thought, that adding that kind of “fancy” also means, that the average US rider, and even the average European rider, might not be able to ride this kind of horse, let alone compete with it.

Fine Magic, HWfarm, Irene Wiederhold

Fine Magic HW - 2011 Westphalian Gelding (Fineliner x Dimension) avaliable for sale.

Time will tell and people will learn that it is usually a good idea to stick to the roots. There is nothing more proven and more reliable than the good old German Warmblood. Whether it be Hanoverian, Rhineland, Westphalian or Oldenburg, the old proven lines, with super strong mare lines are usually the way to go. These mare lines are often not found on the internet, thus hard to track for US riders, as the internet is not nearly as common in Germany as it is in the US. Only a lot of footwork like going to stallion shows, mare shows, foal shows, licensing, keurings and more, as well as connections and the inside knowledge what mares have produced in the past, including licensed stallions and other successful offspring, can truly tell, what’s going on.

Luckily for HWfarm, we have the knowledge and team to keep us on our toes, always informed and making smart decisions for the future, it’s also a main ingredient of the many years of our success. With this knowledge, many victories and new goals have been reached, making history and achieving the near impossible, including but not limited to: 3 consecutive years Young Horse Champion titles, Triple Crown and Horse of the Year title, as well as many top ranking horses all over the world.

Walk on Top II, HWfarm, Irene Wiederhold

Our horses are selected or bred, with the strict goal to make their future owner as happy as possible! Only when all criteria is fulfilled, we will then put the time and effort into the prospect, putting in several years of raising and training, with correct feed, turnout, socialization, consistent and quality farrier work from foal age on, hot walker, pasture time and more.
It takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a “village” to consistently produce/find and offer the finest and most willing riding horses ever. HWfarm has a stellar reputation with pages and pages of testimonials and newsflash sites, go check them out and also check out the many sold pages, you might recognize the one or other sold horse, his/her rider/trainer and/or owner. With the success of HWfarm's program, it is a common occurrence that horses usually sell site unseen! If you are looking for your next dream horse, please contact Irene at Irene@HWfarm.com and she will be happy to help.