Hutchison and Ziedento Go Blue in CardFlex Jumper Classic

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Susan Hutchison and Ziedento (Photo:
Susan Hutchison and Ziedento (Photo:

Del Mar, CA - Veteran team Susan Hutchison and Ziedento (owned by St. Bride's Farm) earned yet another victory in the $10,000 1.40m Jumper Classic, presented by CardFlex Financial, at the Showpark Racing Festival. With fifty-six entries in the class, many of them also experienced teams, Hutchison topped them all and took home the blue.

International FEI Course Designer Anderson Lima of Mexico considered the large number of entries and variety of experience. "Every level here is represented - there are some amateurs, and some professionals, and I have nice questions for all of them." With the track he set, Lima predicted approximately ten would jump-off. Elements of the triple combination by the in-gate came down over a dozen times, and the final fence, an oxer facing toward the hill on the side of field, proved to be even more difficult. Time allowed was another challenging factor, as four competitors ended with just one time fault.

First in the ring, Keri Potter aboard Paloma (owned by Melanie Brooks), was also first to go clean. Making it look easier than it was, only a few more managed to ride fault-free over the next forty plus rounds. Once John Perez and Daniel Rihan's Chianti Classico, 48th in the order, laid down a clean round, then three of the next four entries joined the jump-off group, for a total of eight clean.

John Perez and Chianti Classico (Photo:
John Perez and Chianti Classico (Photo:

Rails fell for Potter and Paloma, John Perez on Gran Amour and Misti Cassar aboard Allstar 5 (Gavin Brodin, owner). Mandy Porter and David Murdoch's Eminent turned in the first double clear in a speedy 38.99. A short-lived lead, as next in, Perez and Chianti Classico, also went double clear and edged out Porter by less than a second, in 38.32.

Josephina Nor Lantzman and Unlimited had a heartbreak rail for four faults. Next in, Hutchison knew what she had to do to take the lead. Shaving over a second off the leading time, she and Ziedento took a fast and tidy track, clean in 36.69. Last to go, Ashlee Bond on Little Valley Farms' Agro Star, also had a fast time in 38.53 but had a rail, picking up fourth.

After the class, Hutchison praised Lima's course. "I thought that with so many horses - good, experienced horses that will likely be going again in Sunday's grand prix - the course designer did a beautiful job with his design and with the time allowed. But also as a class for the younger horses that are stepping up to the grand prix ring, no one really got into trouble out there. And it was good preparation for Sunday."

Susan Hutchison and Ziedento with (l-r) Dana Pinto, Summer Phillips,  Nicolette Kivlin, Melissa Brandes and Serenity Phillips (Photo:
Susan Hutchison and Ziedento with (l-r) Dana Pinto, Summer Phillips, Nicolette Kivlin, Melissa Brandes and Serenity Phillips (Photo:

$10,000 1.40m Jumper Classic
Place - Entry Number - Horse - Rider - Owner - Faults/Time
1. 241 - Ziedento - Susan Hutchison - St. Bride's Farm - 0/0/36.696
2. 830 - Chianti Classico - John Perez - Daniel Rihan - 0/0/38.327
3. 908 - Eminent - Mandy Porter - David Murdoch - 0/0/38.993
4. 130 - Agro Star - Ashlee Bond - Little Valley Farms - 0/4/38.532
5. 267 - Paloma - Keri Potter - Melanie Brooks - 0/4/41.113
6. 574 - Unlimited - Josephina Nor Lantzman - Josephina Nor Stables, LLC - 0/4/42.496
7. 357 - Allstar 5 - Misti Cassar - Gavin Brodin - 0/4/57.473
8. 824 - Gran Amour - John Perez - John Perez - 0/8/39.251
9. 835 - Iris von Heike - Jacob Saaib - Jacob Saaib - 1/76.021
10. 791 - Mighty Mouse - Gerardo Pasquel - Gerardo Pasquel - 1/76.177
11. 781 - Big Red - Nick Hein Ruus - Gerardo Pasquel - 1/76.411
12. 662 - Zanzibar - Tanya Levorchick - Megan Camaisa - 1/76.921

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