HSBC FEI Eventing Worldcup of Le Pin (FRA): Nicolas Touzaint Takes the Lead

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Posted by Xavier Boudon / Pixizone PR Agency

After an amazing and gorgeous cross country, followed by a massive crowd all along the course, the French rider Nicolas Touzaint took the lead of this HSBC FEI Eventing Worldcup competition. "My horse Tatchou was perfect, very fast on the cross country,"  he said, very happy riding on this new ground.  "I found this course really better than the one in Martinvast because this one is rather more galloping."  An asset when it's about winning few places in the ranking.

Nicolas and Tatchou took the 1st place from their fellow citizen Fabrice Lucas with Keep du Mesnil, who stayed a long time on the lead. The French Republican Guard realized a really strong performance by climbing from 4th to 2nd place.  "I did a really good job on this new course. It was a bit hard after losing my chronometer in the water complex !"  Hopefully, someone found it and Fabrice will be able to prepare his last cross country test on the CIC2*. Emily Baldwin (GBR) got some penalty points due to her too long time and let Karin Donckers at the 3rd place. There were no problem today on the cross country course: 7 refusal, 2 falls, and a withdrawal.

CIC2* : Fabrice Lucas (FRA) Takes Advantage of Nicolas Touzaint's Mistakes

The French Republican Guard Fabrice Lucas realized the most interesting deal on the show jumping test of the CIC2* Saturday morning. Thanks to a clear round of his horse Nero du Jardin, Fabrice Lucas took the provisional lead, taking advantage of the one fault course done by Nicolas Touzaint with his two horses Galan de Sauvagère and Hildago de l'Ile. The French former European champion lays now on 3rd and 6th places.

Two other French riders, Hervé Letheux and Aurélien Kahn (winner of the CIC1* on Friday afternoon), lay on the 3rd and 4th ranks. As usual since the beginning of the competition, a British rider leads the foreign contingent : Ruth Edge with Rogersdale, who are 5th for now. In fact, on the eve of the last test (the cross country), the first 50 riders of this CIC2* are only separated by 20 points, what is equivalent to a refusal on the cross country tomorrow morning. Everything can still happen!

Grand Prix of the region of the Orne : two top places for Aurélien Kahn (FRA)

The French rider Aurélien Kahn (picture) realized two clear rounds on the cross country course on Friday afternoon with two of his three horses, Lord de Lignières and Salome. On the lead after the dressage test, Aurélien succeeded in making it straight to the finish line.  "It was the first competition for Lord since 2 years" said the winner of the CIC1*. "I must qualify him now on 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars before competing in the biggest events, that's how the new FEI's rules are."  Lord was of course one of the older horses participating to this class. Aurélien Kahn placed a second horse at the 2nd place (Salome), just few points before Karim Laghouag (FRA) riding Punch de l'Esques. The first foreign rider is, what a surprise, Clayton Fredericks  5th after the show jumping, Clayton did a clear round on the cross country riding Mr Sidney Rocks.

Please find attached the results. More information on www.legrandcomplet.com.