HorsesDaily's Trainer Arena: Nancy Later Lavoie - Carousel Dressage Horses

Thursday, January 11, 2018
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Nancy Later Lavoie's lifetime career as a dressage rider and trainer has taken her on a journey she shares with her students and horses. She brings her years of knowledge and experience in competing, training and traveling in Europe and the USA. Nancy believes that clear communication is the basis for a positive partnership with one’s horse. “I believe that the reason we all love dressage is the amazing feeling we get when everything falls together and our 1000 pound dance partner becomes one with us. All the power and strength to do anything and they choose to be participating in a dance with a human. I believe I can help this dream become reality for my students, it is why I am so passionate about what I do.”

Nancy has created her reputation one horse at a time. Starting from a young age, she has trained physically and sometimes mentally challenged horses to become successful in the show ring, some even after others had given up.

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