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Tuesday, August 1, 2017
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Hello Halli - 2009 Hanoverian Mare, HorsesDaily's HorseMarket

Hello Halli - 2009 Hanoverian Mare ($100,000 and Up)

Whether you are looking for your next dressage partner, have one to sell or seeking the next stallion to bred your mare to HorsesDaily's HorseMarket and StallionMarket showcase some of the best talent from riding prospects to trained schoolmasters and gorgeous sires to create the foal of your dreams!

Historically, HorseMarket has been the place to go when shopping for a horse or selling one as the quality and knowledge of HorsesDaily/DressageDaily's readership is well known and we hear often from sellers that they are gratedul as they rarely have to deal with "tire kickers' when they receive inquiries from our site. We are so happy to hear great feedback!

We are proud to offer a outstanding group of the highest quality stallions in North America in our StallionMarket. With proven bloodlines, show records and foals that continue to impress at Keurings and Approvals around the country, we think there is an excellent collection to match to your favorite mare.

If you are looking to buy - please browse our HorseMarket and see what we have to offer. Ready to sell? List now and if you have any questions about getting your horse online please contact HorseMarket Manager Liz Ruggiero at liz@horsesdaily.com.