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Sunday, January 7, 2018
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As we begin our 21st year on line in 2018, HorseDaily and the DressageDaily Horsemarket continues to grow and thrive as the trusted “go to” source for connecting quality horses with quality buyers. And now we have a special offer.

It has always been our focus to provide a great service and value to our readers and clients. We are very proud to continue to work with many of the top trainers and breeders in the industry.

When you place an ad with us here is what happens:

1. Your ad is seen by up to 2500 daily visitors on  HorsesDaily Horsemarket
2. Our horse market banners drive more traffic directly to the shopping page
3. We share your ad on our Facebook channels:
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Twitter page - HorseMarket Twitter
Pinterest - Horsemarket

4. Your ad is sent to over 6000 subscribers in our 2X a month newsletter
5. Your ad is cycled throughout all news pages on Horsesdaily and DressageDaily

Total ad views as a result of this effort can be up to 50,000 potential buyers.
As of January 15, 2018, we will be initiating a new policy, and guess what a reduced rate!

1. All ads will run for 6 months at $150
2. If after 6 months your horse is still for sale, will extend your ad for 6 month at a renewal rate of $75.

This renewal will include any updates in training and show results, new photos and videos, and will get the listing "bumped" back to the top of list in the appropriate price category.

BUT Wait! There’s More! If you place you ad anytime before January 15, we will give you one FREE month, and not count your 6 month listing until February 15!

Just Click Here to get started with your listing!

Thank you to everyone who has used and/or continues to trust in our tried and true HorseMarket where your horse gets exceptional exposure to our dedicated and educated audience.