The Horses Who Shaped Her Career

Friday, October 23, 2009


Pati Pierucci and Highlife
Pati Pierucci and Highlife
There are always at least one or two horses which helps to define one journey in the sport of Dressage, and for Pierucci there were several; Her “heart horse” Khir, was the first “love of my life” giving Pati the confidence and mileage she needed in the dressage arena. Then there was her “standout”, Highlife Farm’s now deceased stallion, Highlife. With this partnership Pieuricci made it to the Selection Trials for the 2000 Olympic Games under the tuteladge of Betsy Steiner. “He was an unexpected light in my life. Taking him through the selection process and getting as far as we did was a fantastic experience,” recalls Pieuricci. “Highlife taught me to never take anything for granted!”


Pati Pierucci and Idillio
Pati Pierucci and Idillio
Hampton Green Farm’s PRE/USA Stallions Idillio and Grandioso were for Pierucci, and inspiration to ride and compete with. “I adored Idillio because he truly believed that it was ok to trust and show his wonderful talent.” When working for Hampton Green, Pierucci learned the value and splendor of the PRE breed, also “user friendly” for many amateur riders. For Pati, to have Grandioso move on to Olympian Courtney King, was bittersweet, yet a satisfying experience. “It is always hard to leave horses behind that have shaped your day and happiness for a period of time, but for Grandioso, a horse who I had helped develop, it was gratifying to see him move on to a rider like Courtney and be so successful.” It was during her tenure at Hampton Green, Pati had the opportunity to work with German Olympian, Martin Schaudt. "Pati brings a high level of enthusiasm to everything she does.” adds Kim Boyer, owner of Hampton Green Farm in Michigan and Florida. “Her humor and relaxed attitude made dressage accessible to many people and she always made her clients feel good about their work. Additionally, she has an innate understanding of stallions and they respect her."

“Horses have allowed me to get up in the morning and made me want to stay in bed!” commented Pati. “They have allowed me to be a better mother and wife. As most I just can’t imagine not having them in my life.”

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